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How To Stream Video
Here is a little video clip sample. The file is in ASF format. There is a redirector file in ASX format which tells the medial player where to find the video file. This is more commonly used in Windows Media Server protocol (MMS). Press the PLAY button to start the video. You can change AUTOSTART to 1 (in your web page) which will cause the video to start playing immediately.

In order to protect your video you will need MovieGuard and ShareGuard. See the right hand side for the download link to copy protect videos in streaming format and AVI, MPG, MPEG, ASF, WMV, WMA, MP3, WAV.

Here is the code snippet that is required to embed the media player plugin into your HTML web page.

1,52,701" standby="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components..."
<PARAM NAME="FileName"
<PARAM NAME="ShowControls" VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME="ShowStatusBar" VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME="ShowDisplay" VALUE="0">
<PARAM NAME="DefaultFrame" VALUE="Slide">
<PARAM NAME="Autostart" VALUE="1">
<Embed type="application/x-mplayer2"
Name=MMPlayer1 Autostart=1
ShowControls=1 ShowDisplay=0 ShowStatusBar=1 DefaultFrame="Slide"
width=420 height=360>

MovieGuard will allow you to stream video to the end user's desktop without them knowing where the source video is coming from. You can then use ShareGuard to time limit or lease the videos.

How To Stream Video
  1. Obtain a camcorder. You will require either a digital or analog camcorder (video recorder). If you use an analog camcorder then you will require a video capture card. A video capture card will convert the analog signal into a digital signal.
  2. Shoot your video.
  3. Transfer your video to the computer either through a USB 1.1 port, USB 2.0 port (high speed), IEEE1394 (generic name) also known as Firewire (Apple name) or iLink (Sony name). Digital camcorders use IEEE1394 for transferring the video. This will then be AVI format (Audio/Video Interleave).
  4. Use video editing software to modify the AVI clips. Add your transitions, effects, watermarks, modify sequences and audio clips.
  5. Convert from the very large AVI format to ASF format. ASF (Microsoft Windows Advanced Streaming Format and Sonic Foundry) is MPEG4 is the best compression of video. Use Windows Media On-Demand Producer to obtain the ASF format. Get it from here
  6. Create an ASX redirector file:
    <ASX version = "3.0">
       <Ref href = "" />
  7. Upload your ASX and ASF files to your website.
  8. Add the embedded code for media player to your HTML web page (see top of this page).
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Streaming Video Summary:

- Get a Video Cam Corder - digital or analog

- Shoot your video

- Transfer to PC in AVI format

- Use your video editing tool to create transitions and effects

- Convert to ASF format

- Upload to ASF file to your web server

- Put code snippet to HTML page

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