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Time Zone:
Please note that we are on the westcoast of North America, just north of Seattle, Washington - our time zone is Pacific Standard Time.

Please phone between 9:00 AM PST and 9:00 PM PST. This is 12:00 AM EST and 12:00 PM EST.

My new (effective Feb. 5, 2009) land line phone number is

My cell phone number is

Ask for Bill and tell me the product for which you want help. All telephone support is free. Unfortunately, I cannot accept collect calls. If you have a microphone and speakers then use Voice Over Internet Protocol - VOIP. I will return your phone call as I do have a VOIP phone.

Some Voice Over Internet Protcol Companies: NOTE: I will accept emergency calls 24 hours a day. Please use your discretion as to whether it is a real emergency or if you can wait until the next day.

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Summary of Services:

Software Distribution Services - For Developers

Consulting Services - Windows 32 and IBM mainframe

Collaboration With Other Developers - zero cost, use of our infrastructure.

Marketing - Use of ShareGuard to guarantee your commissions

Products and Services for Windows and IBM

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