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PDFGuard PDF Document Protection

Filesize: 4.2 MEG

PDFGuard PDF Document Protection Product Details

ShareGuard Copy Protection Product Details

Download Button not working for your browser? Right click and "Save Target As..." or try this link:
Download PDFGuard PDF Document Protection

...or try this link:
Download PDFGuard PDF Document Protection

NOTE: This is ready for general release as 2008/12/01. The remainder are old notes starting with oldest. NO RUNTIME LICENSING required. Just download PDFGuard and ShareGuard then you will be able to copy protect PDF files. See my help section on how to create a PDF file. You can ignore the other notes as they are no longer applicable. Everything should work great with ShareGuard V4.0. Limited time offer: Get PDFGuard pdf file protection for free if you buy ShareGuard now for ONLY $29.95.

I was testing several PDF viewer components so your beta version may be different. This is a different viewer effective for November 30, 2008 release and no run-time licenses or extra file registrations are required.

UPDATE 2005/09/30: This requires a run-time license and the PDF viewer will not work unless the license is installed on the same machine. The error message is ZSPDGDV.EXE has encountered an error...

UPDATE 2005/10/05: I apologize for the inconvenience but it appears that the PDF viewer component vendor software does not work as expected. I am still looking for something that works and is reasonable priced for the run-time licenses. The only product that has worked on my test machine is xPDFviewer from Glyph & Cog. All other vendor software has failed.

PDFGuard will require run-time licenses.

UPDATE 2005/10/07: To eliminate the above error then run the additional run time system - download this:
Download xPDFViewer Run time system to work with PDF Document Protection

You must open a DOS Command prompt and enter "regsvr32 XpdfViewer.ocx" to register the ActiveX control. The fonts library is also required. I will add these updates to the regular download shortly.

UPDATE 2006/02/08: PDFGuard will be available for sale in the next few weeks.

UPDATE 2008/11/06: Implemented new royalty free viewer to eliminate all problems. You do not need to download or do anything special other than install the software.

If you encounter download problems then please read this document.

If your browser still cannot download then you need another browser that works. You probably have a bug in Internet Explorer. Try MOZILLA - this is what Netscape uses. This is a much safer browser than Internet Explorer and is Open Source:
Download Mozilla from the Mozilla Organization

Please, please, all bugs.

NOTE: This is in compressed ZIP format. Please save this file to your computer, UNZIP the file and then run STARTUP.EXE and follow the setup procedures.

If you do not have WINZIP then get it from here for FREE EVALUATION.

Get The FREE Software:
Status of Software:

PDFGuard Ready as of 2008/12/01 for V1.0 General Release

PDFGuard V1.0 General Release

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