Liars, Cheats and Thieves

This is warning to watch out for these unscrupulous people:

Alok Paul - an East Indian high ranking member of the infamous Dhak gang, in my opinion. He lives at 5586 Cornwall Drive, Richmond, B.C. V7C 5M6 His phone numbers are (604) 862-9668 and (604) 677-3904. He is attempting to sell a black 2003 Mercedes Benz SL500 which has stolen chrome AMG wheels and Michelin tires. The license plate is BC plate 560 NEC. The Red Scorpions and Hells Angels will be notified of his activities as they have more interest in fighting crime (the Duhre and Dhak gangs) than the RCMP. This theft will reveal many members of the Dhak gang and high ranking members and companies associated with this notorious East Indian gang operating in the lower mainland. This includes Gurbinder Singh Toor and Sandip Singh Duhre. The Dhak gang and Duhre gang are linked together. The Duhre gang is an East Indian gang in Abbotsford who are smuggling cocaine in the saddle bags of East Indian truckers coming from the United States. It is then mixed with more poison and then cooked and sold throughout Surrey mainly where the East Indian Dhak gang does the distribution as well as other criminal activity. Their criminal activity also includes home invasions, murder, robbery and other crimes.

The Dhak gang and the Duhre gang are affiliated with the UN gang. The UN gang is comprised of Asians, East Indians, Persians and some white criminals in the Fraser Valley, who are clueless about their fellow gang bangers in town. These guys in the Fraser Valley are in disarray now that Clayton Roueche is behind bars. The UN gang here is heavily influenced by the market controlling Persian Pride ranks in Vancouver. The Iranians (Persians) from North and West Vancouver distribute the majority of drugs in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. The majority of their customers are displaced people of either Native or Caucasian descent. They can be extremely violent. Their business practices will eventually lead to their demise.

Gypsies, also known as the Roma, are actually from India originally and people from India are actually originally from Persia. There is still a strong link to this day. There are many rich corrupt people including police (VPD and Hong Kong police) as well as Persians living on the North Shore of Vancouver.

Apparently the Khalsa church finances many of these truck drivers. They have scammed the lease companies by not making their truck lease payments at all, intentionally. Eventually when their truck is repossessed, but by then they have enough to pay cash for a brand new truck. These guys appear to be well connected to government officials and other organizations. Apparently Jas Johal of Global TV is related, through marriage, to Gurbinder Singh Toor of the Duhre gang. If these guys think that they can come to my country and steal from my friends and I, then they have another thing coming. Every time one of these guys gets knocked off, I feel much safer.

The car is leased through WS Leasing 403 - 960 Quayside Drive New Westminster, BC V3M 6G2 Email: Phone: (604) 528-3802

They may be trying to sell the car through the Vancouver Auto Liquidation Center located at 4431 Vanguard Rd Richmond, BC V6X 2P6 Phone Number: 1-888-264-5507

Are these two companies helping foreign criminals operating in B.C.?

The Dhak / Duhre / Persian Pride cocaine business is in great peril now as (a) the prices have been skyrocketing over the past few years and (b) the quality is significantly diminished. This is due to the Columbians allowing the Mexicans to run the show. The Mexicans have been manufacturing their own methamphetime and then mixing it with the cocaine and then repressing the cocaine bricks. This crap is then sent North to the U.S. and Canada where it is sold for twice the price of what the real commodity used to cost. The Columbians made a big mistake by allowing the Mexicans to control the trafficking routes North.

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