Punk Goof

Punk Goof named Jerry Tetreault (Male Metis Native/French born Feb. 13, 1960 or 1961 originally from Terrace and Boston Bar) and Kerstin Rusher (Kerstin Olofsson Rusher: Female Caucasian born in 1954 or 1955 originally from Sweden) of 51265 Yale Road, Rosedale, B.C., Canada V0X 1X0 Jerry Tetreault and Kerstin Rusher operate a run down barn at 51251 Yale Road as an illegal marijuana grow operation. Phone numbers: 604-703-8524 and 604-745-6259 and 604-701-1851 and 604-721-5549. e-mail: indiannations@hotmail.com and jerrytetreault@yahoo.ca and kerstinanita@hotmail.com

WARNING: SCAM ALERT Anything to do with these people or this house or barn may be a scam. John Wynker may be involved.

In my opinion, these two are greedy, mentally ill criminals. Believed to be professional con man and con woman who reside in the basement of this house. Jerry Tetreault is not a man of his word and is therefore, not a man. Do not rent from them as they have been known to break in and steal. Allegedly stole funds from the Boston Bar Native band and cheated several business partners. Pretends to have a brain injury due to a car accident. May be or was swindling the Indian Incentive Program. A white foreign woman from Sweden pretending to run Indian Nation Resources Development? Currently attempting to defraud ICBC regarding brain injury. Canada Revenue Agency will be investigating them for tax evasion/tax fraud. He likes to work under the table only and has been receiving large sums of money from barn and house rental that is all probably undeclared income. He was receiving $2,000 per month for the barn, which he does not even own, $1500 for the top half of the house and $750 for the basement. I seriously doubt that he declared this rental income. Worked on his wife's friends place, overcharged her, ruined the job and then put a lien on her house. Allegedly did not pay some his employees. Apparently stabbed a young Indo-Canadian man in Terrace, B.C. Graduated from Caledonia Sr Secondary School at Terrace, British Columbia, Canada in 1978. He is the "Earl Jones" and/or "Bernie Madoff" or just the little Rosedale punk goof Jerry Tetreault. I believe that they ran a wholesale florist and machine shop business at 2699 Sahilton Rd, Koksilah BC, V0R 2C0 and a campground in Boston Bar. He also works as a contractor doing business as INRD. CAUTION: DO NOT HIRE OR WORK FOR INRD Contractors of BC. INRD may also be known as Indian Nations Research and Development. Never assign a Health Canada Medical Marijuana Designated Grower license or Personal Production License to any person using 51251 Yale Road, Rosedale, B.C. V0X 1X0 as the marijuana production facility. There will always be problems there, I guarantee it. The FBI and RCMP have been made aware of their activities. Homeland security will, in all liklihood, deny them entry into the U.S. We will be working towards her deportation back to Sweden. Both have been involved in human trafficking. Two of the nastiest people on the planet. Extremely bad credit risk.

DO NOT TRUST THESE TWO. Known to be violent and both are known cocaine addicts and known drug dealers. He believes that he is a warlock. The meaning of warlock is deceiver or "oathbreaker". I guess his girlfriend is a Swedish witch. They do practice evil methods so this would not surprise me. Witchcraft in Rosedale, BC, who would have thought? Witchcraft employed as a tool to deceive and cheat honest people. Now I understand why we used to burn witches and warlocks at the stake. Well, fight fire with fire so "Pulsa diNura upon Jerry Tetreault and Kerstin Rusher".

Please ask your church in Rosedale to pray for these two people and for John Wynker and his wife as they are enabling these two evil criminals practicing the left hand path.
Artique Farm Ltd. owner John Wynker and his wife can be contacted at (604) 794-7519
10197 Poole Rosedale BC V0X1X0
They own the barn at 51251 Yale Road, Rosedale, BC V0X 1X0 which is operated by Jerry Tetreault and Kerstin Rusher.

Be careful as this punk will get you killed either on purpose or by accident. Tim, a nice guy and only 38 years old, died suddenly very recently after visiting the barn and trying to help Jerry. I suspect a planned or inadvertent chemical poisoning by Jerry Tetreault. They tried to poison another man with anthrax in unsafe working conditions. More witchcraft to steal or just plain stupidity either way it equates to dangerous people. A real punk and a goof.

Jerry Tetreault and Kerstin Rusher Jerry Tetreault and Kerstin Rusher

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