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Submit your software to these download sites using your PAD files. If you have a Download Site that accepts PAD files are you are not listed here then contact us and I will update this page for you. There are many more sites but I found them to be too slow, too expensive or not accepting PAD files. This is an excellent list of download sites that will not waste your time. These links are directly to their SUBMIT SOFTWARE PAGE or their sign up page. You should be able to upload to all of these sites in one day. There are a couple of sites here that are not PAD or are paid listings - these are extremely large download sites so I have listed them. I recommend using the basic subscription (paid listings) for the network as it is so large. Please report all broken links

Before you start submitting - Save time by downloading and setting up Type4Me. Setup a button scheme with your name, address, pad file information, etc.

Consulting Services for IBM S/390
We also offer consulting services for IBM S/390, MVS, VM, VSE. Cobol, CICS, Rexx, PL/1, assembler, DB2, IDMS, ADS/O, IMS and more.
Consulting Services for IBM S/390, MVS, VM, VSE
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ShareGuard Copy Protection for Shareware Developers

Windows 32 software development & products

Free Software Distribution for Shareware Developers

Consulting - corporate or small/medium sized business

Software Development - Windows and IBM mainframe

Database Design & Administration

Web-site Development - dynamic/static

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