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How to Apply Copy Protection to Files

Overview: These are the user procedures for the encryption modules (PDFGuard, eBookGuard, MP3Guard, MovieGuard) and the copy protection modules (ShareGuard). If you are a software developer then some of this does not apply as you will be using the SDK for runtime systems like .NET or VB or MS Access or WRAP for executables. This document is for novice users of MP3Guard, MovieGuard, eBookGuard and PDFGuard.

Copy Protection Lock:
You must use ShareGuard to enforce the copy protection for products. ShareGuard will create a lock with the attributes that you assign. ShareGuard will then generate a single executable file (SETUP.EXE) containing the output folder contents: your encrypted data, the player/viewer/reader (depending upon product), the copy protection software scheme and the product key displayer (if requested). You can then put the SETUP.EXE in a ZIP file and upload it to a web site where your clients can download the file or put it on a CD with an AUTORUN file for physical distribution. If you included the software key display then users can run the software key but not be able to unlock until you either issue a certificate, registration code, software single user program or activate them using online software activation (V4.1).

Copy Protection Key:
You can then unlock their software by issuing a certificate number or a registration code or access to a password protected web page or an executable file containing their unique software key or using online activation (V4.1 and up). When the user runs the SETUP.EXE file, all of the system is installed on their computer. They will be able to access your files according to your product key specifications or their activation status (V4.1). After payment/registration the client can then run a second SETUP.EXE (method 2 with their 3 set of numbers for their product key) which contains their key and will only work on their Windows 32 PC based computer. Both the application/files with copy protection and the key are created when you press Compile. Be careful how you setup your key if you are including with the application!
  1. Determine what you are trying to protect so you can work with the correct product:
    • PDF file - use PDFGuard
    • MP3 files or CD Audio - use MP3Guard
    • Video files (AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV) or streaming video (ASF or WMV) or streaming audio (MP3 or WMA) - use MovieGuard
    • Text (DOC TXT RTF) or Images (BMP or JPG) then use eBookGuard
    • Software run from a runtime system. e.g. .NET or VB or MS Access - use SDK and then generated code from the Tools page.
    • Windows 32 executable file - use WRAP

  2. Download and install ShareGuard

  3. Download and install your correct product(s) (MP3Guard/MovieGuard/PDFGuard/eBookGuard)

  4. Create your project, compile and save using MP3Guard, MovieGuard, PDFGuard or eBookGuard. Remember to change the encryption codes.

    • MP3Guard - Double click on the files to add your MP3 files. Press Produce, say YES to backup files, press Play and check everything

    • MovieGuard - Double click on the files to add your MP3 or MPG or MMS (streaming content from website) or ASF or WMV or WMA files. Press Produce, say YES to backup files, press Play and check everything

    • PDFGuard - Double click on the PDF files to add your PDF files. Press Produce, say YES to backup files, press Read and check everything

    • eBookGuard - Press Write to open the word processor, create and edit your document. Press Publish, say YES to backup files, press Read and check everything

  5. Open ShareGuard Locksmith

    • Create a project with the correct Calling Program (MP3Guard/MovieGuard/PDFGuard/eBookGuard) on the Lock page.

    • Determine the days and runs that you wish to allow. If you do not want anybody to (see your eBook)/(hear your music)/{watch your video}/(read your PDF) without paying/registering then go to ShareGuard Locksmith Lock page and set Days to 000 and Runs to 000 and uncheck the AND operator.

    • Determine how you want your clients/users to unlock your electronic product (MP3 file, Video file, eBook, PDF file). You can do this on the Key page of ShareGuard Locksmith. There are several options for unlocking including Online Activation/Deactivation with V4.1.

    • Compile and save the project. You can test the Lock and Key on the Tools page.

    • NOTE: For single user computer then ship the key with the software - it is product key display only and will not unlock. The user will run it to display their unique product id. Enter the 3 sets of numbers on the Key page/method 2 after they purchase and send you the numbers. Compile and create a setup program for the software key. Send them the key, it will only work on the one computer.

  6. Open (MP3Guard/MovieGuard/PDFGuard/eBookGuard)

    • Go back to (MP3Guard/MovieGuard/PDFGuard/eBookGuard) and double click on the ShareGuard field within the Programs section.

    • Select the ShareGuard project file that you just created using ShareGuard Locksmith.

    • Save the project, press Publish/Produce and then press Play/Read/View. The copy protection software will now start wroking.

  7. Open ShareGuard Locksmith

    • Now you can create your installation program using ShareGuard.

    • Go back to ShareGuard, open the project

    • Go to the Lock page and click on the Calling Program field. We want to clear out the old files and bring in the new files just generated by (MP3Guard/MovieGuard/PDFGuard/eBookGuard) so click on WRAP and then select (MP3Guard/MovieGuard/PDFGuard/eBookGuard).

    • You should see all of the files now being included. Press Compile and answer each question regarding how you want your SETUP program to be configured. Read carefully and experiment. You can include the software key with the application or ship it separately to your customers.

Everything works great but it can be tricky at first. Remember that you are working with 3 different products. I am working on simplifying the process but that will take some time.

See ShareGuard Copy Protection.
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