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How To Perform On-Line Registration

ShareGuard allows for different methods of software registration. This section describes our new On-Line Registration method. This product is just being released on February 20, 2003. If you wish to try out this new product then download the On-Line Registration EXE from here. This is in ZIP format. This product is absolutely FREE for anybody. Please note that it is still in BETA testing as of 2003/02/20.

The objective and advantage of this product is to provide the most secure method of automated software registration. The disadvantage is that customers cannot reformat their hard drives or migrate your software product without being able to access your protected page. This program basically runs an EXE over the internet without saving the EXE.

Why not try out the entire process? See How It All Fits Together! This is a dummy application with ShareGuard Lock, a sample e-commerce page, the registration page and the on-line activation code. NOTE: This system of MySQL and PHP should be considered beta. I just finished it today (February 21, 2003) so there may be some bugs. I will be going through it all in the next couple of days to ensure that the entire system is functioning correctly. Remember that it is just a test system for demonstration purposes.

Download the Sample Application.

This is very detailed example of one way to provide VERY secure on-line key generation. Download this, press the Register button and follow all of the steps. Several of these could be consolidated but I have provided all of the detailed procedures so that you can get a good feel for the entire process and the finer points.

NOTE: Registered customers of ShareGuard will receive another EXE which does not contain the HELP button linked to This product (no links to ZapperSoftware) is free to registered customers. Registered users can get their own URL placed on the Help button for free, just ask.

This process can be modified in many ways. The basic process is as follows:
  • Use ShareGuard as normal. Generate your lock and key.
  • Setup a protected page on your web site. Put the ZIP file for ShareGuard Key (the keygen program) and this new ShareGuard On-line Registration program. Do not put the Calling Program (main keygen program) in the ZIP file. Keep the Lock Calling Program as an EXE or batch file behind the protected page. NOTE: The Lock Calling Program is the program which you have written. It contains the generated Lock parameters and a API call to ShareGuard Lock.
  • When a customer purchases you will issue the customer an automated e-mail reply with a username and password and a protected web page to visit.
  • They will log onto your web site and then download the ZIP file. The ZIP file will be a setup program which will install to the same directory for both the Lock and the On-Line Registration program.
  • The user will start the On-Line Registration program.
  • They will enter the URL that you supplied them either from your protected page with some documentation or in an e-mail.
  • The user will enter the username and password for that protected page. This protected page can be different than the first one, if you like, but ensure that the customer has both sets of usernames and passwords.
  • The program will then establish a connection to the internet and then download your Lock Calling Program, run the program and then delete the Lock Calling Program. You can even set your Lock Program to "Run Silent" if you like. You can also force them to enter a valid certificate number for even more security. The activation code is unique to that computer.
  • Change the usernames and password of your protected page(s) frequently to ensure high security.
I will adding another section on MySQL and PHP samples for capturing customer names, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, etc. to ensure proper registraion and so that they can receive future product releases.

Any registered customer of ShareGuard can use our facilities for free to perform these on-line registration tasks if you cannot do it yourself. Your e-commerce provider should also provide this service. Some, however, do not provide all of your on-line registration needs.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be addressed to me at the Contact Us page.

Written by William H. Bradshaw
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Registration Summary:

- On-line software key activition code iis unique to each computer

- Setup ShareGuard Lock and a Lock Calliing Program with Lock parameters

- Registration is fully automated

- Use a protected page and then issue a username, password and URL after the user purchases

- This approach offers the highest levell of software key protection

- Disadvantage: Users cannot migrate sofftware without your intervention

- Advantage: Nobody can ever redistributte your software without registering

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