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How to Self Publish

How to Self Publish Your Own Book: This explains how to publish your own book.

  1. Write Your Book Using POWER:
    1. Plan - plan your book.
    2. Organize - organize into chapters.
    3. Write - write it out.
    4. Edit - edit your material checking for spelling and grammatical errors.
    5. Review - review the book and rewrite.
  2. Create your document using eBookGuard or the free Free Word Processor from
  3. If you want PDF format then see How to Convert to PDF
  4. You can now use eBookGuard PDFGuard and ShareGuard to encrypt and copy protect the document.
  5. You can use any third party e-commerce provider or just use PayPal with your e-mail address.
  6. Setup your website.
  7. Upload the ebook to your website.
  8. Setup your unlock software to unlock the eBook or PDF for customers.
These are basics of self-publishing but you will still need to do marketing. I can host a sub-domain for you and setup online activation and deactivation for your ebook in PDF or ebook format. I can also hook you up with an e-commerce provider. I can obtain great search engine results as well if you are hosted at You just need to write the book and I will do the rest.
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