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PC Troubleshooting Wireless Network 802.11B

How to troubleshoot a Wireless Network 802.11B

  • What type of connection - Access Point/Infrastructure or computer-to-computer/Ad Hoc ?

  • What is the Network Name(SSID) set to ? using encryption?

  • What access point/cards are being used?

  • Did it ever work ? Do we see the Wireless Configuration Utility icon on the taskbar?

  • Is there a Wireless Connection icon in the Network Connections folder? can we view the properties?

  • Is the adapter being assigned an IP address? can we ping the address?

  • If subnet mask= release & renew, reboot access point

  • Look in the Network Connections for a Network Bridge, unless the user is connecting to two access points, it should NOT be in there.

  • Is there interference from 2.4 Ghz phones or microwaves? Is it set up as roaming(more than 1 access point)?

  • Follow These Procedures To Fix 802.11B or 802.11G Problems:

    1. Reinstall the existing drivers and software
      • Uninstall all network adapters in Device Manager
      • Delete the Network Bridge in the Network Connections folder
      • Uninstall "Wireless LAN software" from the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel
      • Shut down and restart, do NOT go through the Network Setup Wizard when XP redetects the NIC's.
      • Run the setup program for your Wireless Lan software e.g. C:\hp\Drivers\Wireless\setup
      • We should now have the Wireless Configuration Utility / 802.11 connection icon on the taskbar
    2. Go through configuration settings
      • Double-click on the Wireless Connection icon on the taskbar
      • Click on the Support tab, check the IP and Subnet Mask addresses
      • On the General tab, click on the Properties Button
      • This should open the Wireless Network Connection Properties window
      • click on the Advanced tab, uncheck the Firewall and Internet Connection Sharing
      • There should not be any need to change settings on the Authenticate tab
      • click on the Wireless Networks tab,
      • The "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" box should be checked
      • - under the Available Networks, select the network and click the Configure button
      • SSID should be "ANY" or same as the Access Point
      • Data Encryption (WEP) should be unchecked (on AP as well)
      • Network Authentication should be unchecked
      • Computer to computer should be unchecked if we are using an Access Point click on the OK - if it says it is already configured, use Properties Button click on the Advanced button on the Wireless Networks tab, set to "ANY", Close
      • Click on the General tab, highlight the 802.11 adapter and click the Configure button
      • On the Advanced tab, adjust the settings for the connection
      • Authentication = open system
        • - Channel = (same as Access Point)
        • - Network Type = (Ad Hoc or Infrastructure)
        • - Powersave Mode = Disabled
        • - SSID = "ANY" or same as Access Point
        • - Transmit Rate = Fully Auto (or if access point has specific settings)
        • - Use WEP = Disabled (can be enabled after the connection is working)
        • - the Driver tab we can check if the newest version is installed
    3. Disable XP Wireless Zero Configuration
      • Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Manage. In Computer Management,
      • double-click Services and Applications in the console tree, and then click Services.
      • In the details pane, right-click Wireless Zero Configuration, and then click Properties.
      • In the Startup type box, click Disabled, and then click OK.
      • Quit Computer Management, and then restart the computer. (with this disabled, we must configure settings manually; no "any available")
      • See the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles: Q313242 Q314897 Q283429 Q302088 Q324024 Q309369
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