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How To Perform On-Line Registration Using MySQL and PHP

This is a Sample Application using MySQL and PHP to register your customers.

This entire process is fully automated.

Typically you could issue an e-mail to your customer, after payment receipt, with the username, password, certificate and a web page to visit. This e-mail receipt is automatically sent (usually by your e-commerce provider) upon completion of the transaction. This web page (on a protected directory) would contain a link to a Registration Form (see Sample Application below) and a link to the software key setup program or the ZSSGREG.EXE for on-line activation codes. There are many ways to perform the registration process and this is just one example.

This is the table found in How To MySQL section.

This is the PHP code found in How To PHP section.

Run The Sample Registration Application

Any questions, comments or concerns can be addressed to me at the Contact Us page.

Written by William H. Bradshaw
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Registration Summary:

- On-line software key activition code iis uunique to each computer

- Setup ShareGuard Lock and a Lock Calliing Program with Lock parameters

- Registration is fully automated

- Use a protected page and then issue a useername, password and URL after the user purchases

- This approach offers the highest level of software key protection

- Disadvantage: Users cannot migrate sofftwaare without your intervention

- Advantage: Nobody can ever redistributte yyour software without registering

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