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How To Perform On-Line Registration

2003/02/20 NOTE: The current version of ShareGuard On-Line Registration V1.0 does not yet handle this type of security. This system employs the new version of the ShareGuard On-Line Registration V1.1 which has not been released yet. I am still testing this to ensure everything works correctly. I will be shipping the V1.1 which handles batch files, executables, ASP pages, HTM pages, HTML pages and PHP pages. If you require anything else then just ask and I will set it up for you. Want DHTML or XML?

This is just a simple example. This can be tailored, for free, to suit your needs.

This is a dummy page for your on-line registration. If the user types in the web page into their browser that you gave them for their key then this is what they will see. There are no links to the software key on this page. Everything is internal and hidden. Viewing page source will not help them.

In this example, this page name does not start with a 'B' which forces the program to use an executable file. If it does start with 'B' then it uses the batch file. It will use the page name prefix 'ZSSGKEY' as the name of the executable file to download. This can be modified for you for free to ensure that your system is unique and cannot be circumvented. You can also use PHP or ASP or whatever else you like to enforce more security. For example, an ASP or PHP page could check the HTTP Referrer (the IP address) to ensure that the user is in the database and was just registered. It could then record the IP as having registered and then block future attempts to access this page. Running the key a second time always results in a migration mode anyway, so this may not be necessary. This however, would require you to reset them for migration of their software.

You could also set the ASP or PHP page to access another protected directory to extract the batch file or the executable file using another algorithm.
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Registration Summary:

- On-line software key activition code is unique to each computer

- Setup ShareGuard Lock and a Lock Calling Program with Lock parameters

- Registration is fully automated

- Use a protected page and then issue a username, password and URL after the user purchases

- This approach offers the highest level of software key protection

- Disadvantage: Users cannot migrate software without your intervention

- Advantage: Nobody can ever redistribute your software without registering

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