Porsche 930 1983 Porsche Euro Spec 930 at New Westminster, BC

1983 Porsche 911 Turbo (Real Euro Spec 930) My Old Porsche 930 - Killer Machine, I miss you.

1983 Porsche 911 Turbo (930)

History of the 930
got supercar? Based upon the 1974 Porsche 934 RSR this is a real racecar that runs wonderfully on the street. The 934 was called the 934 because it was a 930 in Group 4 racing. These cars were built from 1975-1989 (introduced in 1974). The 1975-1977 were 3.0 litre with the smaller KKK 3 LDZ turbo producing 260 HP. The 1978-1988 were 3.3 litre with the K27 turbo producing 300 HP (282 in the US). In 1983 the KE-Jetronic fuel injection was introduced for the 930. This was the last major improvement until the 1989 model year. The 1989 was the last and only year to have the 5 speed Getrag G50 transmission. All others came with a heavy duty 4 speed as their older 5 speed could not handle the torque. The cars were not always available in the U.S. and many were imported by private owners as dealers could not get them due to pollution and safety issues. These production cars were overbuilt by Porsche to allow better rule compliance in their racing division. No overheating like other performance cars as it is air cooled. The car runs great at low RPM for boulevard cruising. These engines have no "lumpy cam issues" which is a valve overlap problem at low RPM. Most, if not all, muscle cars suffer from this valve overlap problem which creates driveability issues. These cars come stock with 917 brakes. These cars have it all - great acceleration, great visibility, great stopping power and great cornering ability due to an extremely low centre of gravity as the boxer motor lies flat. It is also art on wheels! This is the car that is in the XBox Forza Motorsports 3 game. NOTE: I will include the original game sent from Microsoft, still in the box with unopened Microsoft packaging.

Overview of this 930
Only 59,000 original accident free miles. Best colour combination - black on black. Looks and is, evil, wicked, mean and nasty. Recent complete rebuild of motor (<1,000) both bottom and top end. Nearly completely original car. There are a few minor changes but I have the old parts except original rims and original steering wheel. These can be purchased from LA Porsche Dismantlers. Fastest production supercar available in 1983. The Porsche 930 was the fastest accelerating production car in the world from 1978 to 1985. This car will beat a stock 1969 Hemi Cuda or stock 1970 LS6 Corvette (fastest muscle cars of the day) or stock 1983 Ferrari in the 1/4 mile and in top end. This 930 will only go up in value. Black on black with black leather interior. This is 3.3L Turbo flat six boxer motor with 4 speed transmission producing about 340 HP (300 stock Eurospec + 1 bar boost + performance muffler + synthetic oil). I have never raced it but it should run 1/4 mile in mid to high 12's and run 0-60 in well under 5 seconds with a top speed of well over 160 MPH. You can add headers, Kolkeln intercooler and K&N filter for about another 100 HP. The car will then be producing about 450 HP. I recommend keeping the car original and it will always continue to be an excellent investment. This car has just had a complete BC Government inspection with clean CarFax report (I imported the car from the U.S.) and no ICBC claims. Have other documentation. This is a real 930 with wide body and whale tail and is in excellent condition. Full original leather interior with turbo logos, AM/FM/CD plus original radio, power windows, power sunroof, alarm and car cover. Dash is good - no separation. No test pilots. Car needs nothing, runs awesome. This is a real Hemi Killer and will bring great enjoyment. Can get up to 25 MPG if you are not heavy on the foot. Qualifies for collector plates. No leaks, no smoke and starts easy. Car is currently garaged in Burnaby so please phone ahead to arrange appointment to view. Guaranteed to vastly improve your sex life. CAR SOLD AS IS unless we negotiate conditions e.g. AirCare or return to original, fix all issues, etc. Canadians note that I have already paid the GST/PST, Import duties and shipping. Canadian VIN Assigned by ICBC is the the same as the original German VIN: WP0ZZZ93ZDS000552. Please note that this car is Eurospec and they did not sell these cars in Canada or the U.S. in 1983 as they have no catalytic converter (18 HP more). You could not go to a Porsche dealer and buy one. You would have to import from Germany as a private citizen. Check with your state or province but this car should register easily as vintage and is not required to have the emission equipment. This is my daily driver currently although I do not drive that much. This car is licensed with ICBC and has been for one year.

This Porsche 930 is in the XBox Game Forza Motorsports III
This car is going to be in a Microsoft XBox game. The photographers came on Wednesday October 15, 2008. You will be able to perform a virtual test drive...unfortunately the car will probably be sold before the game is released.

I guarantee that I had a photoshoot with Microsoft and they told me the car would definitely be in the game. Apparently Bill Gates used to own a 1979 Porsche 930. Go figure I was a programmer as well...
See: Bill Gates' Porsche 930 Unfortunately I had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. I am not allowed to tell you the name of the game except that it is a new release of an XBox game. This Porsche 930 was used to create the car in the game. This will be great selling point in the very near and far future.

You can download documentation - receipts including the engine rebuild which is less than 1,000 miles since - bottom end and top end, CarFax report, Provincial Inspection report, etc. plus more photos. It is 2.3MB.Download from: Porsche 930 documentation Zip file

Pictures and documentation can now be viewed online at: Porsche 930 Pictures and Documentation Online. These pictures are also at the bottom of this page.

CarFax report: U.S CarFax report for this car

Please note the last digit is missing from the engine rebuild sheet. I have had other mechanic makes mistakes on my other VINs as well. This is a clerical error by the rebuilder as the VIN would be incomplete and it is not trick. It should be 2. You can phone the rebuilder to verify if you do not believe me.

I am not a photographer but I will be setting an appointment for a hoist and will add many photos of the undercarriage. Microsoft is supposed to send me photos and hopefully I can use those as well.

Collector Car Status
This car needs just minor finishing here and there to get this into excellent condition. All of the major work and expense has been done but I have now exhausted funds so I will terminate this project. I can easily finish the project for you if you desire and wish to negotiate that in your offer. I have the sources and identified all minor issues. e.g. Any or all outstanding issues will be corrected by me (return to 100% original or fix minor issues or get detailing or guarantee AirCare or whatever...)

My sources tell me that collector plates in BC are only $300-$400 per year. This only needs a different steering wheel for a cost of $300 to qualify if you have another daily driver. The rims are apparently period correct and I have an original radio. This car is very close to original and is super rare. Bring one up from the U.S. and you will have to add another $8,000 (depending upon purchase price) plus the exchange. I have already done this and paid for it already.

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Pictures and Documentation

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