The Myth of Anti-Semitism by William H. Bradshaw October 2, 2017:

If anybody says anything negative against the actions of the Jews then it is labeled a hate crime and anti-Semitic thus making the accuser a de facto racist. There are some serious flaws with this erroneous logic as we will discover here in this revealing article.

There are very few people who are actually just anti-Semitic and I would tend to agree that this would be in fact, racist. The real reason people are anti-Semitic is due to the actions of those that are involved with the Jewish religion and its doctrines of genocide, world domination, deceit, Devil worship and ironically, racism. They are not actually anti-Semitic but anti-Zionist or anti-Luciferian or ant-New World Order. Why would some people, falsely labeled as racist, be only against this particular malevolent system and not against Blacks or Asians or other ethnic groups? Racism is one race against all others not just one particular group especially when that group is not even a race, but a religion attempting to dominate all others and proclaim their superiority over all other races.

The fact of the matter is that there is not one race associated with Judaism, as we are told, but many. There are Mizrah Jews, who are Semitic, Ashkenazi Jews who are Eastern European (Indo-European/Caucasian) and Sephardic Jews who are Hispanic from the Roman Empire. There are also Ethopian Jews who seem to be left out of the trinity of Jewish races which appears to be racist on the part of the Jews themselves. The oldest recorded case of racism is actually in the Old Testament when Aaron and Miriam chastised Moses for marrying a Cushite woman. Gypsies (meaning “out of Egypt”) are, most likely, the descendants of this Cushite marriage with Moses.

Why do the Jews insist on the term anti-Semitism as opposed to anti-Judaism? The reason is simple. It is quite acceptable to denounce many religions for their doctrines and actions as can be evidenced by many people who can safely denounce Christians or Muslims or Scientologists. They can do this with impunity. The Jews wholeheartedly rejected the term anti-Jewish in lieu of the anti-Semitic term so that they could then invoke the “you are a racist” mantra against any that opposed their behaviours and actions.

Now enter the Semitic people who have no affiliation with any religion especially these Persian based religions like Judaism. Their behaviours and actions are not conducive to any form of dislike. They are just good people with no evil intent as my grandfather, who was Semitic, was also a very good man. He was not religious and was hard working and a loving family man.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” - Voltaire

The Jews have even tried to obfuscate the aforementioned statement made by Voltaire by attributing it to one Kevin Alfred Strom, a neo-Nazi. Strom actually quoted Voltaire somewhat but it was a misquote. Remember that the Jewish system of religion is one that walks the left hand path of deceit where the rest are expected to walk the right hand path. This is the method they employ in order to rule over us with a malevolent administration. They can lie, cheat and steal from us but we are not permitted to do the same. This is the same thing with the presumably racist term anti-Semitic which as I have shown here is a myth.

The Jews are the chosen ones, they were chosen as the administrators from several different breeding projects about 7,800 years ago by the real evil masters of Earth, the tetraploid humans. These tetraploid humans are the ones referred to in history as the Hidden Ones (Psalm 83:3) and the Serpent People (Genesis 3:1-24). Genesis 6:4 proves that these archangels were in fact tetraploid humans in Genesis 6:4. All of the details and proofs are provided in Secrets of the Pink Kush by William H. Bradshaw.

Ironically, hypocritically and paradoxically, it is the Jews calling others racist that are the real racists even with a caste system in their religion which makes some Jews higher ranking that others with these being those with DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE or RH- blood, the real Holy Grail, a genetic line designed to rule over all humans in a malevolent fashion. All of their actions are done in the name of their goddess Lucifer, who is the highest ranking female tetraploid human. The Jews have been tasked, by these tetraploid humans, to kill off all other races that do not have the desired matriarchal/bonobo genetics as designed by the Serpent People. This is hypocrisy and racism by those that call other racists simply because they protest their malevolent behaviour. Anti-Semitism is a MYTH designed to repress those that criticize the real racists. All part of the left hand path of deceit, also known as the Luciferian or Venetian doctrine. We now refer to this as the New World Order, which is a malevolent slave based matriarchal system controlled through deceit, money and religion. Their system is extremely malevolent and that is why the New World Order is a secret that even their secret societies attempt to hide.

- William H. Bradshaw, Dipl. T., CPIM

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