BC Chamber of Commerce

BC Chamber of Commerce seems to be lacking in their due diligence. Maybe it is just the Lytton Chamber of Commerce but why would they elect a known criminal as the President of Chamber of Commerce in Lytton, BC? Richard Forrest and Joan Craig were both presidents of the Chamber of Commerce and both are criminals although Richard was not convicted and is technically not a criminal. We could not compile enough evidence against Richard Forrest but his witch girlfriend Joan Craig was convicted of embezzlement. They are both phonies and low life thieves in my opinion. She destroyed our business and our family so if you want your business or family destroyed then get involved with the Lytton Chamber of Commerce. Is there no oversight at the BC Chamber of Commerce? They are either buffoons, due to their lack of due diligence, or criminals helping one another. You can decide, but me I would never do business with anyone associated with these organizations. I will work hard to expose them for what they really are.

Joan Craig - an accountant residing in B.C. originally from Ontario. Last known address was in Lytton, B.C. Former accountant and convicted embezzler. After finding a picture of her in Lytton B.C., I now believe she was the Treasurer of the Lytton Musuem and the President of the Lytton Chamber of Commerce. They should check their books for embezzlement. They have been notified of this matter so the due diligence is on them. Her longtime boyfriend Richard Forrest is a known associate. The company could not provide enough evidence to convict him but had enough evidence to convict his girlfriend Joan Craig. Believed to be residing at: Fax (250) 455-6657 and (250) 455-6658 Botanie Creek Rd Lytton, BC V0K 1Z0
Joan Craig works here: Lytton Medical Clinic 533 Main St, Lytton, BC V0K 1Z0 (250) 455-2202
She works for Dr. Charles Douglas Hoffe of South Africa.

April 18, 2012: I confirmed that this convicted embezzler does work here. The Billing Integrity Program of the Medical Services Plan of B.C. will now be investigating all billings invoiced from the Lytton Medical Clinic.

She is a real witch practicing fraud and deceit. She will probably die a horrible death from cancer. That is what usually happens to these type of people.

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