Investor Alert: Canada Is Lawless

Alert To Foreign Investors and Visitors To Canada

Due to legal reasons, the following is strictly an opinion of the author. These are based upon the truth and facts but is still just an opinion.

"There are many laws but little justice" - William H. Bradshaw

There is no law in Canada any longer:
Be careful when visiting Canada. The police will probably not help you. If you are assaulted or robbed then you will probably be victimized again by the police and/or the justice system. Nobody is sent to jail here now so the criminals are running loose. Violent criminals are running loose and doing whatever they want because the judges will not sentence them to jail. You will have to solve your own crimes and even then the police will probably not do anything. If you try to create your own justice then they will go after you.

Crazy Organizations:
I have even witnessed the police helping the criminals to victimize people. The Dover Arms and Hunky Bill and his family are such a case. I was assaulted by his family in the Dover Arms years ago for nothing. I was totally innocent of anything and most certainly have never hit a woman. The police were notifed but did nothing. Upon investigation I discovered that they and their group, Take Back the Night/Vancouver Rape Relief Society, used to regularly assault people in the west end of Vancouver. These people appear to be man-haters and feminists of some type probably due to their horrific experience or a mental deviation. This does not give them carte blanche to attack all men. They seem to be feminists with extremist views that do not, in my opinion, reflect Canadian society. This is a seriously mentally ill organization. They take a very dim view of sex trade workers so they should not expect any help from these people. There are much better organizations out there so donate to somebody else NOT The Vancouver Rape Relief society. I had no idea at the time and could not understand why everybody hated them, Hunky Bill Konyk and the Dover Arms. I personally found out why after I was assaulted in there just because I was with a nice looking native girl. My understanding was is that the perpetrator was the son of Bill Konyk. The Konyk family are a lower slavic social class originally from Manitoba and make a low grade food called perogies. They run a food stand at the PNE where they fit right in with the low life carnies. The police did nothing and apparently support their cause. I understand the cause but these people are out of control. I do not think the police really know what these guys are up to. Does the end justify the means? I recommend never eating at any establishment run by Hunky Bill or the Konyk family as he has hundreds of enemies. I believe they poisoned some water bottles at the PNE a few years back. As soon as I seen it TV I knew somebody was trying to destroy them. I was in Chilliwack at the time so do not blame me. I have seen people throw tomatoes at the Dover Arms due their lawlessness. I have heard many complaints about these people when I lived down there. Apparently they ruined a lot of marriages. They even had a warning on the bar door. I did not see the fine print until it was too late. These people have no right to victimize innocent people just because they are white men. I strongly recommend against purchasing any of their products as they may have been tampered with. Whoever did that please do not poison other people just because that lower social stratum slavic family did you wrong. Just do not buy Hunky Bill Perogies. Do not support the Take Back the Night organization or the Vancouver Rape Relief society as they are performing criminal acts on innocent people. They are into vigilante justice and apparently the Vancouver Police Department condones this actiivity.

Vicious Criminals - Assault and Robbery:
I was once viciously assaulted with brass knuckles from behind and was subsequently robbed. My eye almost came out and it was cheap shot, from behind, by a native. The police knew who did it and did nothing except tell the perpetrator that I had notified the police which came back to haunt me. I had to go to the hospital for surgery on my eye. My eye will never be the same. The guy who did was named Victor Parenteau and is native. He is still loose on the streets and is known to assault many people. He also assaulted an old team mate of mine when he was in bed, someone that I knew when I played ball hockey. I found this out because Victor Parenteau knew me by then and threatened me again when I was in Vancouver because I notified the police. I did not realize who he was, and why he was uttering threats until later. Why should he worry about going to jail, the justice system will do nothing, especially if he is native.

Insane Immigrants - Racist Chinese With Butterfly Knives:
I was once assaulted with a butterfly knife by some Chinese pizza delivery man named Jim Lin. He was screaming racial obcenities at my native girlfriend. The police tried to charge ME with assault and a hate crime. They stayed the charges because Jim Lin never showed up, why would he when he was the one who cut me. This guy cut my face and nose. He was never heard from again. He was smart, called the police and accused me. I think that this guy was seriously mentally ill but he got away with it.

Corrupt Chartered Accountants and Chamber of Commerce Presidents:
My family business was robbed by our accountant from Ontario, named Joan Craig. She was only given house arrest and never paid restitution. This was hundreds of thousands of dollars. She is now living in Lytton and has been the president of the Lytton Chamber of Commerce along with her alleged/suspected accomplice who was also the president of the Lytton Chamber of Commerce.

Justice Based Upon The Colour of Your Skin:
If you are white and they are non-white then they may charge YOU with a hate crime, even though you are innocent. If you are embezzled or scammed then you are out of luck because white collar criminals are usually never charged or caught and/or never forced to pay any restitution. At worst they are given house arrest. Government institutions are themselves stealing. If you invest in a business or real estate here and your lawyer or accountant or employees steal from you then you will be forced into bankruptcy as the justice system will not help you. The government and the banks will take everything that they can as they have bloated, corrupt system. The only way they get into trouble is when they try their criminality in the U.S., like Conrad Black, TD Bank, CIBC, RBC, etc. All of them were convicted in the U.S.

Like Watching A Trainwreck In Slow Motion:
I was born and raised here in the 1950s and have witnessed the slow destruction of justice in Canada. There were never any drive by shootings and people went to jail even for small petty crimes. Now people are forced to take justice into their own hands and the rise in gun violence has increased significantly. It is strictly "Cowboy Justice" here in Canada. This means that the victims are going out and shooting their perpetrator.

The Truth Is Not Out There:
Lawyers, real estate agents, immigration consultants and government employees will not tell you the truth and will pass the buck to somebody else when you complain. They will take your money and run. You will probably lose your entire investment. I strongly recommend against purchasing property or investing in a business or visiting Canada until they implement a fair system of justice. That will be several years away due a lengthy period of socialist governments.

RCMP Admit Defeat:
I had my wheels and tires stolen recently and I have had to attempt to solve the crime as the RCMP were useless. The insurance company left me short as well. I am still in the process of dealing with this matter. The RCMP told me that the criminals are winning. If you own a car, it will be broken into or stolen. The crime rate here is just atrocious.

Riots In Major Cities:
Vancouver had the riots in 2011 due to poor sportsmanship when the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins. Now, May 12, 2012, Montreal has been rioting for weeks now due to spoiled French Canadians who are protesting tuition fee hikes. They have the lowest tuition fees in Canada and are heavily subisized by the other provinces who kowtow to this corrupt, greedy, needy province. Toronto had the G20 protest riots in 2010. This was probably the only justified riot out of these riots. Even the smaller towns like London, Ontario had the St. Patricks Day riot in 2012.

Entrapment Is Legal In Canada:
Canadians watch too much TV about American justice where entrapment is illegal. Entrapment is, contrary to popular belief, perfectly legal in Canada. The RCMP use it all the time to create crime as they please. It is a tool for them but could be devasting for you if you get into some kind of trap even if you are innocent.

Stand Up For Your Rights:
We are not going to take it anymore. If anybody thinks that they can steal from me or assault me and get away with then they another thing coming. I am a homeboy and know how to get even. It is a new world out there now with the internet. The CIA and the U.S. have managed to subvert many countries over the last few years because of the internet. Now we the people can destroy the corruption that exists in our country by using this tool.

All you have to do is watch the news on TV and see all of the victims and watch how the justice system in Canada fails them.

Rich Powerful Government Workers (Mandarins) Run Canada:
Government workers, referred to as mandarins meaning bureaucrats, with high salaries, fat pensions and privileges run the show in Canada. There are many of them and they have a sense of entitlement that is outrageous. There is a total disconnect between the government employees and the rest of the country in the private sector. Whatever you have they will take from you eventually to pay for their fine houses and cars. Canada is a failed experiment in the "Affluent Society". Watch out for these people as they know how to rob you with their biased laws favouring them. All levels of government appear to be stealing from the private sector. Smoking, drinking and gambling are legal because the government makes big money from it. This is a sign of corruption in any country. Big government, big business and big labour have ruined this once fine country. The Conservative Party, the current house majority, are cutting some employees and budget money but it is too little, too late. There has never been a real conservative government in Canada, only pretenders.

Nationalist Socialists On The Rise:
The NDP is on the rise again and is now the official oppositon party for the first time in Canadian history. This could mean that you could lose your property and/or investments if they attain power and then decide to nationalize and seize your assets. The NDP may not respect property laws as it is not in their nationalist socialist mandate. When the NDP attained power in B.C. back in 1991 they subsequently closed some mental institutions and released several mentally ill patients that were HIV positive. This created an epidemic on the downtown eastside of Vancouver in the 1990s. It is not uncommon for political parties of this stripe to steal foreign assets. Venezula has done it just recently. The NDP is known to coddle criminals. In fact, some of the best known NDPers are alleged criminals like Sven Robinson and Glen Clark. The list grows larger...

Outlaw Corporations:
Enbridge and Kinder Morgan are attempting to build a pipeline across B.C. that the people of B.C. do not want but will be forced to accept as their environmental laws have been repealed by Gordon Campbell of the Liberal party. The people of B.C. will fight to prevent this unlawful pipeline from destroying their environment.

Asset Classes Overvalued:
Most asset classes in Canada are now extremely overvalued. The housing market is poised for a major downturn once interest rates start to move up. The real estate agents will not do business in your best interests. There is no law requirement for this conflict of interest. Foreign immigrants and investments are used to fuel economic growth so the government has no vested interest in smoothing the asset price increases. This has created a bubble situation. Once the collapse begins and social unrest unfolds, the lawlessness will be devastating.

Criminals Welcome To Canada:
Criminals like Jerry Tetreault are waiting to scam you. Several well known corrupt officials or criminals from other now countries live here. They did crimes elsewhere so it is acceptable for Immigration Canada to allow them in with their ill gotten gains. After all, it is just about the money for the government. If you are a greedy, corrupt individual with lots of money for police and government bribes and are interested in criminal ventures then Canada is definitely for you. If this is not you then I strongly recommend staying away for now...we are working on fixing it.

The Solution:
I was always told not criticize unless you had a solution. I believe that my solution is elegant in that it solves many problems. Create an indentured slave program where criminals work for companies for extremely low pay for a certain period of time. In addition I propose to increase the penalties for people in positions of trust. This will help remove the corruption from the current system.
    The benefits are:
  1. The companies get very cheap, not free, labour, without going overseas.
  2. Part of the wages are paid directly to the victims.
  3. This would cut down costs of building new jails as only the harshest of criminals would be in actual jail.
  4. It will provide a real method of restitution for the family.
  5. It allows for the re-integation into society for the criminal. They may gain a real trade.
  6. It is punishment for the offender. Criminals hate to work, especially for free.
  7. Recidivism should go down as criminals will all face the punishment of slavery.
  8. Freedom is their carrot and slavery is your stick.

- William H. Bradshaw