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Cancer Cure by William H. Bradshaw April 25, 2013

Cancer Cure
I was doing research, the past few years, on genetically modified plants and, through serendipity, discovered that the cure for cancer has always been with us. It is found in the Autumn Crocus colchicine. Colchicine is derived from the Autumn Crocus plant and is highly toxic. It is actually a lily. Colchicine prevents cell from dividing, which is why I need it to create double chromosome on plants. If you were to apply to a human sperm/egg during meiosis then you could create a human giant like the Nephilim in the Bible. I merely use it for giant plants with added medicinal value due to the extra chromosome set.

Colchicine works for cancer, gout, familial mediterranean fever, hepatitis C and liver cirrhosis. For cancer, it works by preventing the cancer cells from dividing thus turning malignant tumours to benign tumours. You can order and eat the seeds for a consistent and measurable dose. I would not eat more than one seed per day. Compare to gout treatment and NEVER EXCEED your dosage as it can kill you. Talk to a doctor first.

Conspiracy Theories
Big Pharma has recently attempted to patent colchicine which is should not be allowed as it is from a plant. Colchicine prices have skyrocketed recently as these discoveries are now being used very effectively in chemotherapy. I personally do not know how an independent researcher could come up with a cure for cancer in a relatively short time. The cure has been with us forever and I believe that Big Pharma works to keep us ill informed so they can charge exorbitant prices for readily and cheaply available natural pharmaceuticals.

Garden of Eden
When God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden they sorely missed the Autumn Crocus plant in particular. This plant allowed them to live a long and healthy life free from several diseases. The other plants, especially lilies provided more protection from other diseases. Humans have a symbiotic relationship with plants. We help them with care and they help us with life.

Cancer Charities
I believe that the cancer charities do not care about their patients but merely their bottom line. Cancer researchers, which I am not, receive very little of the money collected for actual research. There are existing treatments and the business of cancer is big business. It is just too corrupt to be functional.

- William H. Bradshaw