CSCUBA - Continuous Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus by William H. Bradshaw, Dipl. T., CPIM January 2, 2017
Author of Secrets of the Pink Kush

Patent Pending: The Concept

The objective of this system is to provide an uninterruptible and continuous source of oxygen such that the underwater diver can remain underwater for a time period that is not limited to tank capacity.

The basic concept uses the Hofman apparatus to split water molecules into their two separate atoms and then collect the two into two different storage tanks. You employ a Hofmann voltameter (or Hoffman Apparatus with different spellings) to split the hydrogen and oxygen from water. This is achieved through the use of electricity generated by the hydrogen collected via the Hofmann voltameter. The Hoffman Apparatus will create hydrogen and oxygen at each of the respective electrodes. The anode creates oxygen and the cathode creates hydrogen. The oxygen is then captured into one holding tank for breathing while the hydrogen is then run into a separate holding tank. The hydrogen is used as a fuel source for the electricity in order to continue to run the Hofmann apparatus.

Hoffman Apparatus

The hydrogen holding tank is then used to dispense smaller amounts into portable tanks that can be used as a feed for any hydrogen based system of electricity or mechanical energy. The hydrogen is kept in a small on-demand compressed tank to reduce safety risks. The oxygen is collected and then fed into another storage tank which is then used to provide oxygen to the human who wishes to breathe underwater.

This system could also be weaponized by using the hydrogen as an energy source. This would help prevent the diver from predator attacks while under water.

Is this CSCUBA system the type of system that the tetraploid humans employ in order to remain underwater for indefinite periods of time?

- William H. Bradshaw