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Distributor Services - Sorry, effective January 1, 2004 we are NO LONGER ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS for Distribution and Marketing - everything is now outsourced. We will host your files for free if you buy ShareGuard but marketing is now handled by ProMaxum

We offer distributor services for Microsoft Windows 32 bit application software systems (stand-alone and client-server software).

Free Distributor Network: Do want to start selling your software but do not want to pay anything up front? If so, then we can help. You write the software and add our copy protection code, that we generate, and we do the rest. Our copy protection code ensures that your customers have to pay you for your software after the trial period is over. You sign up to become a Zapper Software Developer by either filling out the form or sending us an e-mail or go to the Contact Us page for alternative methods.

No contracts to sign, you use our services for as long as you like. We will however, require a release for submitting your software version to the download sites. Each version will require a new release signed by you. This protects you by ensuring that we only represent you for that particular release of your software. If you are not happy with the results then you can release your next version without us. This should alleviate any of your concerns. If you have any other comments, questions or concerns then please feel free to contact us at any time.

We provide distributor services to software developers using the following approach:

  1. You perform marketing research and determine what software you wish to write.

  2. You design, develop and test the software.

  3. You sign up with Zapper Software as a developer.

  4. Zapper Software helps you with your software in beta testing and general requirements (registry, help files, setup programs, etc.).

  5. You add a snippet of copy protection code to your product. This ensures that customers will have to pay you after the trial period. Zapper Software developers use our copy protection software for free. You can setup the Lock program and/or splash screens and we will assign the Lock and Key software for you to include in your distribution. We will help you with free installation software and examples as well.

  6. You upload your software ZIP file and marketing pages to our website. Zapper Software developers use our web site for free to allow customers to perform downloads. You can use our website template or your own custom pages. Your pages will contain any relevant marketing information and/or online help files. You will receive your own username and password to allow you to upload your pages and your software in ZIP format.

  7. We setup an e-commerce page for you. Zapper Software developers use for free for third party e-commerce. We will setup your e-commerce page at Kagi. No sign up is required as we already have an account. See Kagi for full details. See their commission split option. In general, they charge about 10% for the e-commerce processing. You will use our Kagi account and and we will split the commissions 90/10. You get 90% and we get 10% for the bandwidth. Kagi will issue you and us two cheques with the correct commission split. This is an independent third party to ensure that there is no cheating. Watch out for distributors who use their own e-commerce system. NOTE: This 10% rate is negotiable. We are not trying to get rich off of your work. We will work for less if your product is successful as we want your business and will work hard to keep your business.

  8. We setup the protected page with the software registration key for you. When customers register (pay at they receive a username and password and a protected page to visit at They go to this page and then download the software key for your software. Zapper Software developers use ShareGuard for free to facilitate the entire marketing and final sales cycle. ShareGuard also helps protect your software from reverse engineering and other hacker attacks.

  9. You will create a pad file for your product. Zapper Software developers use PadGen from ASP for free. We can also setup the Pad files for you if you do not wish to do your own.

  10. We issue a press release and then distribute your software. Zapper Software developers use the major download sites for free. We submit your software to over 200 download sites using Pad files or the required information if the download site does not accept Pad files. You can submit to the download sites if you want to do it yourself.

  11. Developers get an e-mail address "" for free. This allows you to communicate with your customers more effectively.

  12. Developers get a subdomain "" for free. This allows you to setup your own web site that contains no pop-ups or any other form of advertising and allows for downloads. Subdomains are based upon a first come first serve basis. E.G.,,,,

    For a sample of how it will work then see this Sample Games web site. This is an imaginary web site with imaginary products. You can get your own templates or I can show you some samples. You must comply with any licensing requirements of web site templates because you are using them for commercial use. For a sample of a site with a "Player" look then see this other Sample Games web site.

  13. Zapper Software developers get Press Releases, Search Engines submissions and Download Site submissions for free.
Want to get going? If you are ready to sell your software then contact us to become a Zapper Software developer and get going for FREE. We are software developers, like you. If we do not think your software is suitable for us to market then we will tell you, for free.

Who is our competition and what will they do for you? Not as much, and it will probably cost you to sign up. Don't believe me? Then check it out for yourself. Here are some of the competitors and/or links to other distributors:

File Distributor - they charge you $50.00 per software title. We do not charge you anything.

SoftWrap - their commission is 25% and you use their copy protection scheme which has a limited number of products. You could only sell 10 products/versions the last time that I checked (which was on 2002/12/20). You can sell as many products and versions as you want with our software copy protection scheme. Software Affiliate Sales - their minimum is 10% plus 10% so we are equal if you get the minimum. They are a middle man between affiliate marketers. We are direct and help you with your product.

Upload It Resources - check this out for more resources.

I believe that we cannot be undersold and will deliver the same or better results than any other distributor out there and all at a much lower cost. We will also help you in the development of your product. You never give us the source code and you retain all intellectual rights and copyrights.

Zapper Software reserves the right to refuse software submissions based upon excessive size, poor quality, poor marketing prospects or any other reason.
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Summary of Distributor Services:

Distributor Services - Free to Zapper Software developers

Copy Protection Software - Free to Zapper Software developers

E-commerce with third party to ensure that you get paid in full - Free to Zapper Software developers.

Use our web site for marketing and downloading of your software - Free to Zapper Software developers.

90/10 Split on Commissions. You get 90% and we get 10% for bandwidth. NO UPFRONT FEES!!! No bandwidth charges, no hidden fees, no risk.

Total software distribution solution with zero risk.

Products and Services for Windows and IBM

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