Fake Degrees

Warning to Foreign Students
I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the British Columbia Institue of Technology (BCIT) in 1980. Over the years I continued to attend various night school programs to keep up to date. Then BCIT offered advanced degress in computing science so I signed up. This programme was setup and run by Dr. Michael Lo at the time. He made the programme impossible to complete. This was probably a monetary design measure. I managed to finish everything but balked at the technology transfer. He wanted me to give up my software for free. I can only assume he wanted to sell or give it to Communist China. BCIT is now tainted over his past presence at the institution. I recommend that you DO NOT ATTEND BCIT, you are better off going to UBC or SFU or attending a REPUTABLE college.

Dr. Michael Lo
This is the crook who perpetrated the crimes against the foreign students.
Raymond Chan
Raymond Chan, the former MP for Richmond, BC is associated with Dr. Michael Lo and the fake degree scam. He is still running a high school diploma program in China issuing BC high school diplomas. This allows a loophole for Chinese students to not have to take the otherwise mandatory English tests. We are onto you and your degree will probably be worthless in the future so save your money and I strongly recommend that you do NOT attend Grand Canadian Academy. You should try to find a reputable institution. I doubt if Bruce Allen would recommend him either.

Help stop the corruption in our government and stop selling out our country.

- William H. Bradshaw