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Did Giants Exist by William H. Bradshaw April 30, 2013 (updated May 25, 2014)

Did Giants Exist: A scientific explanation for the Biblical Nephilim
I was doing research, the past few years, on genetically modified plants and, through serendipity, discovered that the cure for cancer has always been with us and the same alkaloid from this plant can create giants. It is found in the Autumn Crocus colchicine. Colchicine is derived from the Autumn Crocus plant and is highly toxic. It is actually a lily. Colchicine prevents cells from dividing, which is why I need it to create double chromosome on plants. If you were to apply to a human sperm/egg during meiosis then you could create a human giant like the Nephilim in the Bible. I merely use it for giant plants with added medicinal value due to the extra chromosome set.

I discovered through some historical documents, that women would use the Autumn crocus plant for labour pains. If they used it during the fertilization process then it could, quite conceivably, create a tetraploid. Tetraploids have double chromosomes and giant cell structure. From my work I discovered that they grow much slower, require far more nutrients and water but will continue to grow into giants of twice the size of normal cells. They live for much longer than normal. It should be noted that there may be some anomolies in the teeth, joints or limbs due to the double chromosomes. By this I mean double rows of teeth, extra digits and double jointed limbs and/or strange gate due to hip joints.

I believe that the old gods referred to in the Bible and the Book of Enoch, the Book of Giants and other historical documents are actually referring to tetraploid giants (Rephaim). They would be smarter and stronger than their diploid counterparts. There is a reference in the Bible to them mating with the daughters of men. This would create a triploid race of sterile giants (Nephilim) but of smaller stature than a tetraploid. This would explain the Biblical reference of they were not fruitful unto God. Triploids cannot mate due to a genetic mismatch. They would have died out. I believe that Enoch, himself, describes hiding in caves from the Nephilim. The Nephilim, apparently, were cannibals and were hunting for human meat. This would not surprise me as they have voracious appetites and I doubt any environment could support them on a consistently sustainable basis for nutrients, especially protein. I have now written a book called Secrets of the Pink Kush which provides all of the overwhelming scientific evidence to prove the Pink Kush Theory.

Genetic Origin of Nephilim:
"The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown" (Genesis 6:1-4).

Polyploids in Plants:
I created a triploid plant, using a tetraploid and a diploid, that I call Nephilim because I believe that the Nephilim referenced in the Bible were actually giant sterile triploid human beings which is exactly what this plant is, in genetic terms. It states that the were not fruitful unto god. That means sterile and triploids are sterile. It also states that they were the sons of gods and daughters of men. The gods being tetraploids (like Pink Kush) and the daughters of men (Fuma con Diablos) being diploids. This will create a sterile triploid, hence the Nephilim. I have it reversed it here though using daughters of gods and sons of men. From my research I discovered that women used to employ Autumn Crocus as a local anesthetic. The Autumn Crocus contains colchicine which is the chemical used to create tetraploids. I believe that from this practice, there resulted a number of tetraploid human beings. These would have been gods(tetraploids). They would twice the size of a normal human, take much longer to grow and live to an old age and be extremely intelligent due to the massive brain (two to four times in size, I suspect). They would have had extremely high caloric diets and water requirements. I believe because of their heavy appetite, they may have become cannibals. This relates to the Book of Enoch where he is hiding in a cave from the cannibalistic Nephilim. Strange, but I think it is true. It all fits and actually works.

Giant Trees:
The giant Sequoia trees in California are hexaploids. A hexaploid is a doubled triploid. This accounts for the massive size and density such that the tree is actually fire resistant. This a rarity in nature to have a triploid doubled to create a hexaploid. A doubled tetraploid, octoploid would be even bigger.

Giant Humans:
Giants have been found in other parts of the world as well. Tetraploid giants explains the saga of Beowulf (Grendel the giant and his mother a giant also), Ferdinand Magellan (who captured at least one giant in Patagonia), Daniel Boone (who shot one apparently) and the giants of Ohio (and reports from native Americans of red headed giants). These reports of giants were all questioned by the people of the day and generally not believed, just like the Bible. Magellan had the best evidence but unfortunately the giant died during transport back to Europe. Antonio Pigafetta documented the giants encountered by Magellan. Commodore John Byron commander of the ship the Dolphin, Sir Francis Drake (documented by Francis Fletcher) had all reported giants in Patagonia as well. I am unsure of how these South American giants came into existence as the Autumn Crocus is not native to South America, as far as I can tell, but is to many other parts of the world. There are related species which may contain similar alkaloids. There are other alkaloids which can achieve the same effect of preventing cell division so it may very well be from another plant. It is for this very reason, preventing cell division, that I suspected that this plant, the Autumn Crocus, and its alkaloid, colchicine, may cure cancer. It turns out that I may very well be correct in this serendipitous discovery. I recommend all cancer patients keep an Autumn Crocus plant within their vicinity. Be careful as this plant is extremely toxic but being close, I suspect, will allow the patient to absorb safe amounts of colchicine through molecules in the air, without direct consumption of any kind. Giants, gout, Familial Mediterranean fever, cancer, Hep C and they said this plant was useless. Remember it is not really a crocus but a lily and lilies all seem to have very potent alkaloids for various ailments and purposes. We have a symbiotic relationship with plants that was abandoned a long time ago. We are now just coming back to that realization.

Seat of the Gods:
The Sumerians were considered the most advanced race up until that time. Was it because they had tetraploid "gods" as rulers? I believe so. It helps explain many of the old world mysteries without having to resort to aliens, a real physical God or myth. The following is the best evidence yet for my theory. This Sumerian relief tablet depicts some servants attending to a tetraploid god king. If, in those days, you encountered a human being of this size and intelligence, you would consider them as a god. These tetraploid "gods" or actually "sons of gods" were the parentage for the Nephilim.

Sumerian Tablet Depicting One of the Tetraploid Gods

Return of the Giants:
Just a crazy theory of mine but it might actually be true. Even crazier, it could be proven out. A mad scientist could create a race of giants quite easily. Obviously ethics would never permit this type of experiment. The Jews have prophesized that the giants would return one day. Maybe they will...

- William H. Bradshaw