Google Death Wish

Warning to Search Engine Users

Google is blocking web pages and/or search results from various websites due to political reasons. The countries, like Canada, are requesting that Google not return the search results for specific web pages of certain CANADIANS. Can you believe it? Is Canada becoming China? With the influx of all of the Chinese and the constant sale of Canadian assets to foreign communist interests, namely China, then it appears Canada is on the road to communism and/or totalitarinism. Google is helping a corrupt Canadian government achieve that status. This could be the downfall of Google. Bing and Yahoo, and other search engines are not suppressing search results.

Most other search engines failed to achieve success because they were not honest about their search results. If you fail to return valid search results, then you are not honest, Google! What this does is to enable corrupt governments and criminals to operate with impunity. It also perpetutes the corrupt status quo.

This is a death knell for Google as the other search engines will be able exploit Google's arrogance and political corruption.

Help stop the corruption in our government and stop selling out our country.

- William H. Bradshaw