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JpegGuard Image Protection
JpegGuard: This BRAND NEW (2004/12/14) program is for JPEG users who want to protect their children from porn and avoid possible embarrassment. V1.2 Release as of 2004-12-14.

If the police kicked down your door and confiscated your computer, what would they find? If your wife logged onto your computer, what would she find? If your boss scanned your hard drive from the network, what would they find? If your children logged onto your computer, what would they see?

Do not get caught or embarrassed, get JpegGuard NOW before it is too late.

Image Protection Screen Shot of JpegGuard

There are 7 basic screens (forms) to this system:
  1. Image - displays regular or encrypted JPEG files.
  2. Image Properties - displays the width, height, size and filename.
  3. Image Options - allows you to alter the image attributes.
  4. Password - allows you to encrypt and decrypt files using a password.
  5. Search Files - allows you to search for JPEG or XXX or both filetypes.
  6. List JPEG - displays a list of all of the JPEG files found from your last file search.
  7. List XXX - displays a list of all of the encrypted JPEG files found from your last file search.
NOTE: This program offers highly effective protection against unauthorized users. See the on-line documentation below for more details.

View the complete on-line documentation here.

JpegGuard will replace Internet Explorer and/or Netscape as your home browser for your JPEG files...And you will be glad that you did!!!

Get The FREE Software:
Product Summary:

- Fully customizable images.
- Finds all JPEG files on your disk.
- Saves a list of your encrypted files for next time.
- All files password protected.

- Protects your children from porn on your computer.
- Prevents unauthorized access to your JPEG images.
- Faster browser than Internet Explorer or Netscape.

JpegGuard ONLY $19.95
Sample Screen Shots of JpegGuard

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