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MP3Guard MP3 Music Protection
MP3Guard: This program (originally released 2003/03/13) is for musicians who want to protect MP3 files from copyright infringement. This MP3Guard Producer and MP3Guard Player allows musicians to sell MP3 files online. This is a complete turnkey solution. MP3Guard V2.2 Release on 2008/12/11. NOTE: If you wish to stream MP3 files from the internet then use MovieGuard which allows for MP3 files and for streaming video and audio. You will require ShareGuard to enforce the copy protection.

MP3 File Protection Screen Shot of MP3Guard

There are 2 basic components to this system:
  1. MP3Guard Producer
  2. MP3Guard Player
  1. MP3Guard Producer

    - This is the software that encrypts your MP3 files so that they can only be played by the specifed MP3 Player. This program allows you to create a mp3 playlist and then encrypt the playlist with different parameters to enable various marketing uses.

  2. MP3Guard Player

    - This is the software that you distribute and/or sell to your customers to allow them access to your music. You must also distribute the data files that are generated in the output directory. The MP3Guard Player allows the user to change volume, change track position, test their sound card, display the album ID3 tags, send e-mail and visit a web site. V2.0 You can now allow your customers to save the MP3 files in native format. This ALLOW SAVE option only works if you specify the option and the customer has registered with you (has paid for the songs). This allows for a shareware marketing approach to songs. They can try out your songs but cannot download them to another mp3 player until the songs have been registered (purchased).

Different Uses

There are several different ways to use this system:
  1. MP3 Only - no advertising screens and no license verification is performed. This is accomplished by not entering any data into the ShareGuard Progam field, Ad Screen image and Ad Screen URL fields. This feature is useful for marketing when you want to give away free information but you do not want them to be able to copy, print or save your information.
  2. MP3 With Advertising - An advertising screen is displayed whenever the user starts the MP3 Player to listen to your music. This is accomplished by entering data into the Ad Screen image and Ad Screen URL fields. This feature is useful for marketing when you want to give away free music but you want them to visit a particular web site in order to upsell them on another product.
  3. Licensed MP3 - license verification is performed. This is accomplished by entering a valid ShareGuard project filename into the ShareGuard Program field. This feature is useful for marketing when you want to ensure that all users have registered their MP3 playlist with you. The registration process can be free if you just collect e-mail addresses or the registration can be to an e-commerce site if you wish to charge money for your e-book.

    NOTE: This method requires the ShareGuard module which is optional. You can download and try ShareGuard for free. See the Internet/Download ShareGuard on the main menu.


There are 3 basic security features to this system:
  1. MP3Guard Player - the MP3Guard player program will decrypt your mp3 files and play them to the user. The user cannot copy the mp3 files.
  2. MP3Guard User Encryption - the MP3Guard encrypts your MP3 so that only the specified player program will be able to decrypt your mp3 music files and play them to the user.
  3. ShareGuard (optional) - the ShareGuard program will check the licensing of the MP3 before allowing the program to run. If the user is not licensed then the MP3 will not display your MP3 playlist.
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Product Summary:

- Customizable MP3 Playlist.
- Allows for AdWare.
- Fully compatible with ShareGuard.
- Complete turnkey solution for selling MP3s online.
- Allows for selling through an e-commerce provider or sell your music on eBay.

- Allows you to fully protect your intellectual property.
- Generates more revenue from your music as no re-distribution is permitted.
- Saves you time as everything is in one package.

MP3Guard ONLY $19.95
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