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PDFGuard: This program is for authors users who want to protect documents from copyright infringement. This PDFGuard Producer and PDFGuard Viewer allows PDF authors to create PDFs and sell and/or distribute PDFs online without allowing any unauthorized access (requires ShareGuard). You can create trialware (e.g. 3 runs or 2 days) of your PDF and/or lease your PDF or totally lock to a single computer. This is a complete turnkey solution. A very cost effective system for producing encrypted, high quality PDF documents with complete copy protection and a PDF viewer that enforces your copy protection scheme. Digital rights management at an affordable price. PDFGuard will produce encrypted PDF files that cannot cracked by any software out there including PDF Protection Remover software or PDF Password Cracker software. Their software will not work on these encrypted PDF files.

December 1, 2008: Limited time offer - Get PDFGuard pdf file protection for free if you buy ShareGuard now for ONLY $29.95.

Only $19.95 Royalty Free. Our competitors charge over $2,000.00 for this software. See Lock Lizard and another competitor File Open. Note that ShareGuard is an additional $29.95 for the total solution to enforce copy protection for your PDF files. Plus...Adobe is not required to be installed on the client machine. PDFGuard viewer (royalty free) will work without Adobe software.

This contains several marketing options for you to employ with PDF documents. Do not give your documents away for free when you can use a viral marketing model.

May 10, 2005 PDFGuard BETA Version: This is a beta and I am still working on the documentation. If you have any feature requests then please send some feedback and I will determine if I can perform your change request.

September 19, 2005 PDFGuard Production Version: I have updated a new version of the PDF viewer component. This will be V1.1 release for production within a few days. Viewer too expensive and there are issues with royalty free software.

November 6, 2008 PDFGuard Production Version: I have updated a new version of the PDF viewer component. This will be V1.1 release for production within a few days. I have found and implemented a compeletly free PDF viewer so the outstanding issues have been resolved and the cost has been dramatically reduced.

Download PDFGuard Document Protection
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Document Protection Screen Shot of PDFGuard

There are 2 basic components to this system:
  1. PDFGuard Producer
  2. PDFGuard Viewer
  1. PDFGuard Producer

    - This is the software that encrypts your documents so that they can only be read by the specifed PDF Viewer. This program allows you to create a document and then encrypt the document with different parameters to enable various marketing uses.

  2. PDFGuard Viewer

    - This is the software that you distribute and/or sell to your customers to allow them access to your document. You must also distribute the data files that are generated in the output directory. The PDFGuard Viewer allows the user to go to first page, go to last page, go to next page, go to previous page, send e-mail (user-defined) and visit a web site (user-defined).

Different Uses

There are several different ways to use this system:
  1. PDF Only - no advertising screens and no license verification is performed. This is accomplished by not entering any data into the ShareGuard Progam field, Ad Screen image and Ad Screen URL fields. This feature is useful for marketing when you want to give away free information but you do not want them to be able to copy, print or save your information.
  2. PDF With Advertising - An advertising screen is displayed whenever the user starts the PDF Viewer to view your document. This is accomplished by entering data into the Ad Screen image and Ad Screen URL fields. This feature is useful for marketing when you want to give away free information but you want them to visit a particular web site in order to upsell them on another product.
  3. Licensed PDF - license verification is performed. This is accomplished by entering a valid ShareGuard project filename into the ShareGuard Program field. This feature is useful for marketing when you want to ensure that all users have registered their PDF with you. The registration process can be free if you just collect e-mail addresses or the registration can be to an e-commerce site if you wish to charge money for your PDF file.

    NOTE: This method requires the ShareGuard module which is optional. You can download and try ShareGuard for free. See the Internet/Download ShareGuard on the main menu.


There are 3 basic security features to this system:
  1. PDFGuard PDF Document User Defined Encryption - the PDFGuard Producer encrypts your PDF file so that only the specified PDF viewer program will be able to decrypt your PDF document and display it to the user. This program generates the encrypted PDF file and the parameters, which are also encrypted, that the PDF Viewer program requires.
  2. PDFGuard Viewer - the PDFGuard viewer program will load the encrypted file into memory, decrypt the PDF document in memory and then display it to the user. All hyperlinks are maintained and page navigation is available. The user cannot cut and paste, print or save the document. The Print Screen function is disabled while the PDF viewer is running. PDFGuard Viewer requires the encrypted parameters in order to run.
  3. ShareGuard (optional) - the ShareGuard program will create and check the licensing of the PDF document before allowing the viewer program to run. If the user is not licensed then the PDF will not display your PDF contents. A user requires a key (3 types of keys available) to unlock the PDF document. Several options available for free trials and leasing. You can allow for several free runs or several days or no runs at all. You can unlock by certificate, single computer or registration code or over the internet using online registration or using the Locksmith web service.
Download PDFGuard Document Protection
Buy PDFGuard Document Protection

ShareGuard works with PDFGuard and eBookGuard with NO CODING required
If you write technical information and want to protect your intellectual property then see eBookGuard. Protect your Microsoft Word documents using ShareGuard and eBookGuard. All of the coding is already built in to eBookGuard. Just specify a ShareGuard project file and it is protected according to your ShareGuard specifications. Great for advertising.
Get The FREE Software:
Product Summary:

- Customizable PDF.
- Allows for AdWare.
- Fully compatible with ShareGuard.
- Complete turnkey solution for selling PDFs online.
- Allows for selling through an e-commerce provider or sell your PDF document/ebooks on eBay.
- Encrypts according to your own keys and decrypts in the viewer only.

- Allows you to fully protect your intellectual property.
- Generates more revenue from your books as no re-distribution is permitted.
- Saves you time as everything is in one package.
- Provides comprehensive protection of your PDF document when used with ShareGuard
- Save thousands of dollars for your PDF document protection solution

PDFGuard ONLY $19.95
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