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  1. Zapper Software does not store any cookies on your computer nor do we read any cookies from your computer. Exception: If you purchased a product and are using our database online then cookies are employed for the online application during your session only.

  2. Zapper Software does not rent, sell, or share any personal information about you or your company with any other people or nonaffiliated companies.

  3. All purchases are secured using the industry standard Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) with our e-commerce partner

  4. Zapper Software does not place any ad-bots on your system or any type of advertising on this site other than our own products. This includes any type of pop-ups or banners or dialer programs.

  5. Zapper Software will never place any type of malicious code on your computer. This includes dialer programs or any other form of misrepresentation or intrusive activity.

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Privacy Policy Summary:

Cookies - No Cookies employed

E-mail Addresses - NEVER revealed or sold to third parties

Purchases - Secured using SSL Encryption with

Advertising - No pop-ups or any other form of advertising or ad-bots employed.

Spyware, Adbots, Dialers - Never any type of malicious code

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