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The Rules

1. This is a self-serve process for adding resources (links) to the Zapper Software Resources page.
2. Please do not submit your resource more than once or you will be banned.
3. This will automatically display on the Resources page.
4. Your resouce (link) must be appropriate for this site. It must be software related otherwise I will delete it. I will make exceptions for good resources.
5. If you want a hard coded link (for better search engine ranking) then you must place a reciprocal link (hard coded) on your site. Please send me an e-mail using our Contact Us page before you do this. This will allow me to confirm that I want to link to you.
6. I will send you an e-mail confirmation, of your hard coded link some time in the next 24 hours.

If you want a button in text format then cut and paste from the box below. I prefer a text link somewhere on your site just so that the search engines will pick it up. You can say "Copy Protection and Software Distribution" in your text link.

It looks like this:

If you want a button in graphic format (6K 140x110 JPEG) then save this image to your server and cut and paste the following link HTML code.

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