How To Run A Car On Water by William H. Bradshaw

Hoffman Apparatus and H2O
Several years ago I was writing a book about chemistry. I was into mathematics and software so chemistry was never my thing in high school or college. However, I needed to write that book to earn some money. During the course of my chemistry studies I discovered the Hoffman Apparatus, the Krebs cycle and many other interesting things including designing and developing self publishing software and copy protection for my new book. It was then that I thought that this concept could be applied to the famous car that runs on water myth - no not the Krebs cycle or my self publishing software, the Hofman Apparatus.

Conspiracy Theories
The story is that some guy invented a car that runs on water but he was bought out by the big oil companies. Hmmmm...maybe the story is true. I do not want to get into conspiracy theories. I used to work for an oil company so I will not critize them, as that would be hypocritical. So I thought that in order to run your car on water you will need to extract the hydrogen from the water and/or utilize the oxygen for the fuel mixture. There are many possible applications for use the oxygen extracted in this method. I am going to just clean up the atmosphere by injecting oxygen into the world and energy into your car with this approach.

The Concept
The basic concept is to employ a Hofmann voltameter (or Hoffman Apparatus with different spellings) to split the hydrogen and oxygen from water. This is achieved through the use of electricity generated by the motor. The Hoffman Apparatus will create hydrogen and oxygen at each of the respective electrodes. The anode creates oxygen and the cathode creates hydrogen. The oxygen can be vented out directly into the atmosphere while the hydrogen is then run into a separate holding tank.

The hydrogen holding tank is then fed into a compression tank and then used to feed the fuel system. The fuel system is injected into the regular four stroke motor. The fuel tank will only contain water making the vehicle much safer in the event of the tank spilling especially in serious accidents. The hydrogen is kept in a small on-demand compressed tank. It would be devised to hold only the amount required to balance the electrolysis of hydrogen and the fuel consumption plus a reserve percentage.

Problems With Hoffman Apparatus Approach
The main problem will be to generate enough hydrogen from the water to provide adequate fuel levels for the motor. This may require too much energy to be actually effecient. More research is needed. Beware as there are many scams out there regarding this technology.

Existing Water Injection Systems
Please note that there is other existing inventions that use water and gasoline. This is really, really old technology. I starting using it in the 1970s when I used to run it on my 1971 Camaro RS/Z28 and fuel octane ratings were falling. I had it on there until I sold the car in 2000. It is called water injection and what it does is inject water vapour into the fuel system to atomize the gasoline. This causes the gasoline to mist or atomize and can greatly reduce detonation. You can electronically dial it in for the correct amounts based upon RPM and engine vacuum. This is particularly useful in gasoline vehicles with a high compression ratio. This has nothing to do with running your car on water only. My system was an electronically controlled system which injected precise tiny amounts of water. You must be very careful as some of these systems can easily malfunction and will inject far too much water and cause damage to the motor. Again beware of people selling these H2O Injection systems. This is nothing new...

- William H. Bradshaw