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Software Registration Systems:
Use our software registration system to unlock your software or videos or ebooks or MP3 files or PDF files. If you do not have an e-commerce system or require a registration system then you can use our system which is powered by PHP/MySQL.

Custom Software Solutions
Outsource for Custom Solutions:
Do you require a custom solution? If you cannot find a product on the download sites then you can outsource the project through

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Computer Repair or Training - Home/Office
Computer repair and/or training at your home or office:
There is a minimun of $50.00 or one hour. Hourly rate is $50.00 per hour Canadian for home computer repair and/or $100.00 per hour for corporate work. This is currently available only in the Vancouver lower mainland area. The coverage area includes Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster. We can fix or improve your computer. Improve the performance, fix driver problems, database problems, software problems, hardware problems, network problems, wireless problems, remove viruses, remove adware, remove spyware. Any problems at all. No problem is too small or large. We will come to your home and repair the computer in the comfort of your home and explain everything to you (unless otherwise directed). Training for most software products is available as well - MS Office, MS Access, Outlook, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SQL Server, MySQL, HTML or even just basic computer training.

Call 778-862-1670 for computer support in the Vancouver area.

You can try to fix it yourself using our online help for troubleshooting Windows based computers. How To Troubleshoot a Windows PC (software and hardware)

Free Distribution Services for Windows Software
Free Distribution Services for Windows Software:
Please note that we are no longer accepting submissions for developers. You can always use our free marketing service to submit your software to several download sites.

How To Market Software Articles

Consulting Services
We offer consulting services for Microsoft Windows 32 bit application software systems (stand-alone and client-server software). We can also provide consulting services for PHP and MySQL as well as IBM S/390. Rates for consulting range from $50.00 USD per hour to $100.00 USD per hour depending upon the project. Rates are negotiable.

Consulting Services for Windows Software and/or Web-Based Software
Windows Consulting: We can provide consulting services for any of the following areas:
Consulting Services for IBM S/390 MVS, VM, VSE, IBM mainframe
Mainframe Consulting: We can provide consulting services on IBM S/390 for any of the following areas:
  • Databases - DB2, IDMS (ADS/O), IMS, DBOMP, VSAM and more.
  • OLTP - CICS, BMS Maps and more.
  • Operating Systems - IBM S/390, VM, VSE and more.
  • Languages - IBM assembler, Cobol, PL/1, Rexx and more.
Consulting Services for IBM S/390, MVS, VM, VSE, Cobol, PL/1
Link Building and Search Engine Optimization
Link Building and Search Engine Optimization: We can provide consulting services for any of the following areas:
  • HTML coding practices for better traffic.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Link Building
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Summary of Services:

Computer Repair at your home or office

Computer Training at your home or office

Software Distribution Services - For Developers

Consulting Services - Windows 32 and IBM mainframe

Collaboration With Other Developers - zero cost, use of our infrastructure.

Marketing - Use of ShareGuard to guarantee your commissions

Products and Services for Windows and IBM

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