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December 3,2012: Starting a small business and need affordable software? I can help you out! Buy ShareGuard NOW and receive any other product for FREE. e.g. Get eBookGuard AND ShareGuard both for ONLY $29.95 for limited time only or get all Copy Protection products for $49.95

See Register Software Page for various payments methods.

Copy protection download for free trial of ShareGuard V4.0

See ShareGuard For Dummies: How to Copy Protect Files Using ShareGuard.

ShareGuard Copy Protection - Current Version is V4.0:
This award winning software program is for software developers and/or web authors who want to increase their revenues and protect their software investment. This copy protection will work with any programming language and even screen savers. Works with all of our encryption products. ShareGuard can work as a wrapper or as internal coding using the SDK. You can either use ShareGuard without doing any coding at all or you can write code down to the function call level for customized copy protection using our SDK. This system will copy protect software, screen savers, * music, * video, * PDF files, * documents and * images.
* Requires one of our other products.

Version 4.0 will provide for online activation or activation on a single computer only plus other methods.. This allows for a more flexible business model for you. Now you will be able to sell, lease or rent. You will be able to charge on a recurring basis to rent your software and deactivate if the customer does a chargeback or no longer wishes to rent your software. It will also permit for multiple software licensing schemes. All current licensed users of ShareGuard are entitled to free upgrade when available. I will be able to host activation and deactivation for you if you cannot or do not want to do it yourself. I can setup an entire system with an e-commerce provider for you. Lowest prices in the world!

This is simply the best copy protection system that you can buy at this price. Our competitors charge hundreds of dollars for similar systems. You will not find a better copy protection system anywhere at this price.
ShareGuard ONLY $49.95 - SAVE 40% NOW ONLY $29.95
ShareGuard is the most flexible copy protection system available. It can be used in any programming language and will protect EXEs or DLLs or run time systems (e.g. Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Java) and works with the new .NET architecture. It will unlock software using three different methods and has online activation. It will generate product registration keys for completely automated systems. It will also allow for unlocking of single computers for the ultimate in security. ShareGuard can even pass parameters using the wrapper method. ShareGuard can copy protect screen savers using the wrapper method. This is simply the most versatile and the best copy protection available at this price anywhere in the world. ShareGuard will unlock an unlimited number of customers royalty-free.

Copy Protection for Windows

ShareGuard will wrap executables and then can issue product registration keys for a completely automated system that works with any e-commerce provider. You will never need another copy protection system other than ShareGuard. ShareGuard can be used as a wrapper for easy to use copy protection or as internal code in your application for more control over the copy protection.

ShareGuard allows for multiple Registration form styles and/or allows for you to design your own form or use internal coding to make function calls inside the DLL so you can present your own forms and/or data. ShareGuard uses our own encryption system plus CRC32 file checking for the lock and application files and MD5 hashing for the key program parameters. ShareGuard also has several other secret protection systems built into all of the software.

ShareGuard is designed to work with all of our other products. It is completely integrated. This includes eBookGuard, MP3Guard, MovieGuard and PDFGuard. These products have the coding built in already so that the data (pictures,text,asf,wmv,mp3,pdf) is completely protected according to your specifications.

ShareGuard will lock and unlock an unlimited number of customers and is all royalty-free.

ShareGuard consists of 4 components:
  1. ShareGuard Lock
  2. ShareGuard Key
  3. ShareGuard Locksmith
  4. CRC File Checker
(1) Lock Program

Lock Program That YOU Customize - Allows your users, optionally, to register, send you e-mail, get more help, display splash screen, seek and destroy disassemblers, shut down system patches/traps. This is your marketing screen that will increase your revenues dramatically. Click to enlarge.

Copy Protection Screen Shot of ShareGuard Lock

ShareGuard Lock is the program that protects your software from reverse engineering and from being used longer than the specified demonstration period. This is called by your software and is displayed to the user to notify them of the current demo status (e.g. 10 days left). It will also display a splash screen if desired. You create a JPG or BMP and it will display your logo/favourite picture WITHOUT ANY CODING.

(2) Key Program

Key Program that is used to unlock the software after your customer purchases (optional method) - Allows your users to register the software using one of your valid certificate numbers or a registration code issued by your e-commerce provider when the customer purchases or you can just unlock a single computer. ShareGuard will automatically produce the correct registration codes for any e-commerce provider to issue to your customers. Click to enlarge.

Copy Protection Screen Shot of ShareGuard Key

ShareGuard Key is the program that users will use to unlock the software. After the software is unlocked then the ShareGuard Lock program will still run but will not display the registration form with the demo status. The software will be unlocked according to your specifications (optional for lease). If you use a lease then the software will stop working after the lease expires. The customer will then have to renew their lease. Typically a user will have to enter a certificate number or registration code that you (or your e-commerce provider ) will provide for them in an e-mail or over the phone. After the certificate or registration code is validated the software is unlocked. You can use the certificate method and/or with on-line activation or registration code method or single user key method (high security - only unlocks one authorized computer based upon hard drive signature).

(3) Locksmith Program

Locksmith Program that YOU use to build your lock(s) and key(s). Many different options to allow customization of your methodology. You can build AND TEST (with your application even), a working lock and key within SECONDS without reading the manual. Click to enlarge.

Copy Protection Screen Shot of ShareGuard Locksmith

ShareGuard Locksmith is the program that create the lock and key. It generates message notifying you of possible problems, generates test code and code (C++, Delphi, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, VB.NET and more to come...AND INCLUDING AN EXE WRAPPER) for you to cut and paste into your program or use the wrapper in the output folder.

(4) CRC File Checker

CRC File Checker is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) which performs a Cyclic Redundancy Check on files to ensure that they have not been tampered with. You will load the DLL and then check to ensure that the Lock program has not been modified.When the Lock program is called it will automatically check your software to ensure that it has not been modified. This is optional but highly recommended. NOTE: This program is one of the free software downloads but it is shareware and requires registration for a valid range of product keys.

NOTE: This program offers highly effective protection against reverse engineering. See the on-line documentation below for more details.

View the complete on-line documentation here.

ShareGuard will work with any programming language that can make a Windows API call.

See the NEW On-Line Registration Software KeyGen For Developers for TOTAL keygen security.

Why not try out the entire process? See How It All Fits Together! This is a dummy application with ShareGuard Lock, a sample e-commerce page, the registration page and the on-line activation code. Remember that it is just a test system for demonstration purposes. NOTE: Some users will not be able to unlock using this method. e.g. If you are behind a firewall and/or your system blocks the attempted software update.

Download the Sample Application.

This is very detailed example of one way to provide VERY secure on-line key generation. Download this, press the Register button and follow all of the steps. Several of these could be consolidated but I have provided all of the detailed procedures so that you can get a good feel for the entire process and the finer points. This is just one of the many methods that you can use to unlock the software.

Online Activation: Quick Overview - without going through the entire registration process. Username and password are not required for this demonstration.
  1. Download software Sample Application.
  2. Install software
  3. To run the program then start from your start menu: Start / All Programs / Sample Demo / Sample Demo
  4. To unlock the program then start from your start menu: Start / All Programs / Sample Demo / Key / Online Key. Press OK, Press OK after your product key is displayed and then Close the Online Registration form. It should unlock.
  5. Use Locksmith Tools to reset DEMOSG13 if you wish to try different things. e.g. change dates
  6. Uninstall software - from your start menu: Start / All Programs / Sample Demo / Uninstall
Get The FREE Software:
Product Summary:

- Generates an EXE Wrapper (no coding) OR Internal Generated Code (allows software to work with any progamming language).
- Includes an EXE Packer to reduce the size of your executables.
- Can generate product registration keys required by some e-commerce providers.
- Flexible types of unlocking methods and key generation.
- Fully customizable form for the Lock.
- Demo form always stays on top.
- Dynamic linking to your website for the Register/Help/E-mail buttons.
- Splash Screen will display any JPEG or Bitmap that you design.
- Splash Screen can be displayed as rectangle, ellipse or round with different delay times.
- Full audit trails of your lock and key.
- Saves your lock and key for future use or reference.
- Can generate as many keys with up to 10 different certificates for each key. These will always unlock the specified software. You do not have to re-issue the lock.
- Can generate up to 1,000,000 product registration codes with key lengths of up to 20 bytes. Can be used with any e-commerce provider for a complete automated system.
- Can generate a single user computer key that will not work on any other computer.
- Can use on-line registration for easy, but secure, key distribution.
- Works with any Windows 32 bit programming lanuage.
- Includes built-in anti-piracy and anti-cracking software.
- Simple to use.
- Great security.

- Increases your sales by forcing users to register your software.
- Provides a very professional look to your software.
- Allows you to lease your software based upon days or runs.
- Never have to change copy protection schemes due to a programming language change.
- Very low cost.
- Increases your productivity - you do not have to spend time trying to come up with different marketing methods and/or demo crippling features/water marks/etc.
- Increase revenues by leasing your software.
- Eliminate time creating keys by using on-line registration.
- Can work with any e-commerce provider
- Your software will only work for the registered users (when using single user key).
- Eliminates theft of your software.
- Prevents cracking of your software.
- Saves you time and money.
- Allows for manual coding or automated EXE wrapper.
- Copy protection for Screen Savers
- Allows for parameter passing

ShareGuard NOW ONLY $29.95
Sample Screen Shots of ShareGuard

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