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TGPSoft Thumbnail Gallery Builder

TGPSoft: This brand new program (April 4, 2004) is for webmasters who want to increase their productivity when building thumbnail galleries to submit on the internet. V1.1 has been released on June 15, 2004.

Designed for Adult Webmasters

TGPSoft consists of 1 simple to use form:
(1) TGPSoft Thumbnail Gallery Builder

TGP Gallery Builder Form

Allows users to change skins. Click to enlarge.

Screen Shot of TGPSoft Thumbnail Gallery Builder

TGPSoft Thumbnail Gallery Builder is the program that you use to create thumbnails, according to your specifications. The HTML code is automatically generated based upon your website name, website image directory and website thumbnail directory. A sample is also generated so you can check the quality and size of the thumnails before you upload. Repeat the process until you are happy and then upload and then submit to all of the TGPs. Includes an 88x88 and 200x200 instant thumbnail maker for the majority of adult website requirements.

Increase your productivity with TGPSoft Thumbnail Software.

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Product Summary:

- Maximum Width and Height - proportional sizing
- Adjustable Quality
- Generates HTML automatically.
- Simple to use.
- Allows for different skins
- Automatic 88x88 Image for instant website upload
- Automatic 200x200 Image for instant website upload

- Increases your productivity.
- Allows you to build different TGPs easily.
- Designed for adult webmasters.
- Easy to learn.
- Very low cost.
TGPSoft ONLY $9.95
Sample Screen Shots of TGPSoft

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