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Type4Me Automatic Typing

Type4Me: This brand new program (January 30, 2004) is for webmasters who want to increase their productivity when filling out forms on the internet.

This is program to allow users to define their own buttons and the text that it will type out.

Type4Me consists of 2 components:
  1. Type4Me Configuration Form
  2. Type4Me Button Form
(1) Configuration Form

Allows users to add various button schemes. Click to enlarge.

NOTE: You can change the skin of this application on the fly.

Screen Shot of Type4Me Configuration Form

Type4Me Button Form is the form(s) that contains the buttons and the text that will type out when you hit the button.

(2) Button Form

Button Form containing the button and text that you define. Click to enlarge.

Screen Shot of Type4Me Button Form

Just hit a button and the text starts typing automatically. What could be easier? This is a great way to increase productivity for webmasters, chat room users and even general users.
  1. Select the form you want the text to appear in by using your mouse to activate the form (e.g. Internet Explorer).
  2. Hit Ctrl+C (the Ctrl button and the C key at the same time) to tell Type4Me that this is the active form.
  3. Set you cursor the field in the form (e.g. Name field on a web form).
  4. Hit the button and the text will start typing (e.g. Name will start typing out your name).
  5. You must configure the button schemes first.

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Product Summary:

- Fully customizable button forms.
- Allow for multile forms that can be invoked easily.
- Automatic Startup configuration.
- Allows for different skins.

- Saves you time and money.
- Increases your productivity.

Type4Me ONLY $9.95
Sample Screen Shots of Type4Me

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Increase Your Productivity:

Will it increase your productivity? You bet!!! After you have used Type4Me you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

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