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zMailGuard e-Mail Encryption

zMailGuard: This brand new program (February 7, 2004) is for anybody who wants to protect their privacy when sending e-mails on the internet.

The FREE PGP programs that are out there DO have a back door. This means that the government can read your encrypted e-mail. There is no apparent back door because the encryption itself does not have any special code. Their back door is in the implementation of the private key and public key system. The internal encryption is always to the same key which they already have. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Even if the software does not always encrypt to the same internal key, they can still decrypt your messages if they know your public key.
Usually this is the key that you publicize so that others may encrypt messages to you.

All Internet Service Providers capture your e-mail and any attachments and forward them to the Echelon System and Carnivore System which then decrypts your messages in a few seconds and scans and saves them. zMailGuard cannot be decrypted by Big Brother, the ISPs, Echelon, Carnivore or your boss.

zMailGuard consists of 3 components:
(1) zMailGuard Word Processor
(2) zMailGuard Encryption
(3) zMailGuard Decryption

Crypt Word Processor Form

Allows users to change skins. Click to enlarge.

Screen Shot of zMailGuard Encryption/Decryption Word Processor Form

(1) zMailGuard Word Processor is the program that you use to create your documents in human readable form and then encrypt them using the public key of the recipient. You also use this program to decrypt files sent to you from other users of zMailGuard.

(2) zMailGuard Encryption is the process of encrypting your document so that only the intended recipient can view the document.

(3) zMailGuard Decryption is the process of decrypting the document that you received from another user of zMailGuard.

There is only one person in the world that can decrypt these messages - YOU. The government cannot decrypt these files. Protect yourself now.
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Product Summary:

Features: - Drag and Drop Files.
- Public Key and Private Key
- Can generate as many keys as you want for added protection.
- Can distribute the software easily from the menu to anybody that you wish to exchange encrypted messages and/or files with.
- Simple to use.
- Allows for different skins
- Great security.

Benefits: - Increases your e-mail security.
- Provides a secure form of electronic mail.
- Very low cost.
- Saves you from potential harm.
zMailGuard ONLY $9.95
Sample Screen Shots of zMailGuard

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